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American English vs. British English

24 Feb 2020

The English language has a global reach, mostly thanks to two main varieties: American English and British English. Let's look at some of their differences.

How to Write a Story in English

20 Mar 2015

Many English exams ask you to write a short story in English as part of the writing paper and we know it can be a little overwhelming. But really, if we whittle it down, writing a story is actually quite simple. Every story has five basic – but very important – elements. If you follow…

How to Make a Professional Telephone Call in English

19 Mar 2015

For many people, one of the biggest challenges of working abroad is being able to speak on the phone. Speaking confidently and effectively in a foreign language is challenging enough, but having conversations without visual cues can make communication even harder. However, while it is easy to feel self-conscious, remember that it is ok to…

NEW Video – Online Courses From British Study Centres

15 Jan 2013

Our online courses lessons are delivered by the same highly qualified teachers as in our UK-based schools. Lessons take place in very small groups - up to a maximum of four students including yourself - so you can get personalised tuition and more time to interact with your teacher than anywhere else. Have a look at our video which shows you inside the classroom and lets you see exactly what it's like studying online.

How To Do A Language Exchange

01 Jul 2010

When I mention language exchanges people usually say it’s a great idea, ‘but how?’ Actually, it’s really easy to find language exchange partners...

Improve Your English With A Language Exchange

04 Jun 2010

One of the best kept secrets for improving your English is language exchanges! Language exchanges simply involve meeting up with a native speaker and having a conversation or chat, half in English, and half in your own language...

What is Business English?

25 May 2010

Business English is a specialised area of English relating to the language used in business. Every year more and more people are studying courses in Business English to improve their chances of finding a job at home, career prospects and to be able to work in English speaking countries...

The Best English

10 Jun 2009

When I talk to students on their first day at our school, I often ask them why they chose the UK to improve their English. The most common response is that they want to learn the 'real', 'best' or 'original' English. Is British English really the best?