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American English vs. British English

24 Feb 2020

The English language has a global reach, mostly thanks to two main varieties: American English and British English. Let's look at some of their differences.

6 Things to Know About myBSC

14 Dec 2018

Find out about myBSC, our online learning platformed desgined to make your experience with British Study Centres even easier!

7 Reasons to Learn English Online with BSC

04 Dec 2018

We all know that there are many reasons to learn English. It's a global language, it helps improve your job prospects and it can help you travel the world. But, finding the time to attend classes can be difficult. That's why more and more students are deciding to learn English online and fit their classes…

English for 50+ Students- BSC York

09 Jul 2018

A 50+ course in York is the ideal way to develop your English and make new friends, whilst gaining an enjoyable insight into one of England’s most vibrant and historically significant cities. After a morning consisting of informative and communicative classroom-based lessons, tailored for your level, there is time to take a leisurely hour’s lunch…

English Language Courses for Ages 50+

09 Jun 2018

Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, have always wanted to put your English into practice but never had the chance, or simply want to meet new people in exciting and historic British cities, the 50+ English Language Courses in York and Edinburgh are ideal for our mature adventurers who want to learn, socialise and…

Student Blog: How to learn a language

29 Jun 2016

This week English Language Centre York's upper-intermediate class write their guide on how to become a legendary language learner!  Do you find it hard to learn a language? Don’t know where to begin? Follow our step-by-step blog together with useful tips on how to successfully learn a language. We can guarantee that after you have…

Using Authentic Audio Recordings with Learners

24 Jun 2016

Meet Ken, the cheery, chatty fishmonger. He can be found on Wednesdays, standing proudly by his van at the Oxford Market in Gloucester Green, wearing his signature straw boater and stripy apron. Ken kindly volunteered to be the first to tell his story in a series of 360 degree audio recordings I am making of…

Vocabulary Games: How to play ‘Tutti Frutti’

19 Jan 2016

Tutti Frutti is a creative category game for two or more people. It’s very popular in Argentina and all Latin American countries, but is played all around the world under different names and is the perfect game for students to practise their English vocabulary. In France, it is known as 'Le jeu du baccalauréat.' In English speaking countries, it is known generally referred to as 'Scattergories' or 'Stop the Bus,' depending on the version being played. Whether you're teaching English as a foreign language, or you're learning English yourself, Tutti Frutti is a great game for improving English vocabulary that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.