7 Reasons to Learn English Online with BSC

We all know that there are many reasons to learn English. It's a global language, it helps improve your job prospects and it can help you travel the world. But, finding the time to attend classes can be difficult. That's why more and more students are deciding to learn English online and fit their classes around other important activities. So, why else should you choose online classes with BSC?

Why Learn English Online

You can access your English course from anywhere.

The flexible online format allows you to take your lessons from any location - home, office or even the airport departure lounge, on any device - phone, laptop or tablet!

You can learn English at any time!

There's no need to cancel plans with friends because it's time to go to class, you decide when it's time to learn. Whether you book private lessons or mini group lessons, your teacher will schedule lessons to fit in with your lifestyle.

You'll get tailor-made classes.

After booking, you'll complete a needs analysis and a level test. This helps your teacher create a bespoke teaching package which targets your strengths and weaknesses.

You'll get access to varied study materials. 

With myBSC, our eLearning platform, you'll gain access to 100s of hours of materials for you to use for guided self-study. You will also have access to this for the entire duration of the course and for a further 3 months.

You can choose to study for longer.

Easily bookable packages of 5, 10, 20 and 30 lessons means that if you’re enjoying your learning journey you can extend with no fuss and the continuity of your lessons is not disturbed. In fact, many students have progressed from elementary to advanced in this way!

You decide the right course for you.

We offer a range of courses including General English, Business English, IELTS, FCE / CAE and OET. So, whatever your learning needs, we've got it covered.

You'll learn faster!

Students learning within an online environment progress at a rapid rate as there are fewer distractions and focus is maintained. Many of our students agree that a 50 minute online lesson is as effective as a 90 minute classroom lesson.

For more information, find out more about our online English courses. Want to learn English with songs and videos? Find out how you can practise your English online for free.