6 Things to Know About myBSC

What is myBSC?

myBSC is an online learning platform designed to make your experience with British Study Centres even easier! Once you've book your course, you'll be granted access to our Virtual Learning Environment (your student account) allowing you to monitor your progress and make use of customised study materials.

Why to use myBSC

1. It's custom made

myBSC, our exclusive eLearning platform, has been created to complement the high quality teaching that British Study Centres is known for.

2. It's flexible

The self-study system consolidates and builds on our students’ learning journey, before, during and after their course or it can be used as a stand-alone product, where students can exercise total independence in their studies.

3. It's accessible.

With an intuitive and responsive interface that can be used from any device, myBSC is personalised to each student. Its clear structure makes navigation easy and self-study a piece of cake!

4. You can track your progress.

The easy to use system allows students to view and track their own progress. They can see how much of a task they have completed and how well they have done on each task, giving them a clear idea on how their knowledge is building.

5. You can practise your English listening, reading and writing skills. 

With hundreds of hours of materials including videos, listening tasks, reading and writing exercises there is something for everyone. IELTS and Business students are also well catered for with a huge amount of materials in each skill set.

6. There's something for everyone

Level up with myBSC. All levels are covered from A1 to C1. myBSC complements students' studies throughout their learning journey.

A piece of cake (idiom): something is easy.

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