10 Reasons to Do an Internship

Unsure of whether to do an internship? Here are 10 reasons why an internship is a great choice….

  1. It answers the question of “how do I get experience for a job that requires experience?” It’s an effective way to gain vital experience and skills which a lot of job specifications require.
  2. You will improve your understanding of your chosen sector.
  3. It will highlight other areas of the industry which you may not have considered as a career path or even known about.
  4. You will get ‘real world’ experience of a business environment.
  5. It will complement and consolidate your studies within that sector - a road test of what you have learnt in your professional studies.
  6. It will bolster your CV and give you an edge over other candidates in job interviews.
  7. It can provide a foot in the door within the company or industry sector.
  8. Undertaking an internship in the UK gives future employers a huge insight into your capabilities of living and working within a different country and culture.
  9. It will be provide a great opportunity for networking (think LinkedIn).
  10. It will be an experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life!