When is "Pimm's O'clock"?

Every language student in London has heard of the British tea time which is nearly an institution, but have you ever wondered what “Pimm’s o’clock” is? In order to not leave our students in the dark about British habits in summer, our Academic Intern, Katha, decided to teach a lesson about an iconic summer’s drink. While in Italy people sip “Spritz” on their piazzas and those Germans who don’t like beer stick to their “Hugo” in the beer garden, the English like to have a glass of Pimm’s on a mild summer night.

Our students found out about the history of the drink that is nowadays the official drink of famous sports events such as the Wimbledon tennis tournament. After they had learned how to prepare the famous No. 1 Cup, they proved their creativity by designing posters for a possible future advertising campaign for Pimm’s liqueur. If only the company knew, they could save a lot of money on their marketing department.

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