Weekend in Greenwich

Where east meets west and time begins, London hasn’t ended yet. Lots of tourists think Greenwich is a town of its own while in fact it is another borough of London. But be assured, no matter how much you’ve seen of London, “you ain’t seen nothing yet” if you haven’t been to Greenwich.

When I think back to last weekend at the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival the chorus of this song replays in my mind. After a nice walk around the market seeing some of the acts of the festival (one of them men in robes reminiscent of Turkish dervishes floating on electric scooters) we climbed up the hill to the Royal Observatory like so many people did that day in the brilliant weather and enjoyed one of the most stunning views upon London!

If you long for some more breathtaking views, take the Emirates Airline and get transported across the Thames in a cable car made mainly of glass that offers an incredible perspective of the city.

Make sure you don’t miss out on Greenwich before your time at the BSC ends. It is so worth going!

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