The Summer Solstice

Love long summer nights? Sitting out in the garden till late, the mild air and a light wind caressing the skin on your arms, maybe a glass of white wine in your hand..? Many people here in the UK do and last Saturday many of them went to celebrate the longest day of the year – the summer solstice.

But what do people do to celebrate on this once a year natural phenomenon? There is the obvious and maybe most exciting option of going to Stonehenge where New-Age Tribes, travellers and curious onlookers gather to watch the sunrise over Stonehenge.

For those who decided to stay in London though there were also plenty of possibilities to spend this unique day, one of them being a very peculiar night-time walk. It’s theme was “anxiety in the city” and in fact it showed the participants a view of the metropolis beyond the shiny office buildings and the spotless areas around all the famous sights. The 100 or so participants walked from the Tate Modern down to Denmark Hill in about 4 hours stopping at several points such as the church of St George the Martyr and Elephant and Castle. CoolTan Arts, the charity that had organized the event, raised the participants’ awareness of people especially prone to anxiety in a city like London. Covering a very serious topic, the walk was still great fun as those taking part were rewarded with a view of London at dawn and the surreal atmosphere in the city with few people walking the streets even in broad daylight.

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