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10 Weird British Christmas Traditions

Although Christmas is celebrated all over the world, each country treats the festival differently with different customs and traditions. If it’s your first time in the UK over the festive period, then get prepared for the big day with our … Continue reading

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The BSC Guide to Halloween

If you’re not from an English speaking country, the idea of dressing up as a ghost, witch or ghoul and putting a candle in a pumpkin might seem a little weird. You might wonder how the holiday came about, and … Continue reading

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The Royal Pavilion

After listening to a fascinating presentation on the history of the British monarchy from a visiting speaker, 16 students went on a trip to The Royal Pavilion, the pleasure palace built in 1787 for The Prince of Wales (who later became King George IV). Continue reading

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When is "Pimm's O'clock"?

Every language student in London has heard of the British tea time which is nearly an institution, but have you ever wondered what “Pimm’s o’clock” is? Continue reading

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Cadbury's Chocolate Factory Trip

If you love chocolate don’t miss a trip to the home of the chocolate bar and the world’s most famous chocolate factory, Cadbury. Cadbury is the second biggest chocolate company in the world, and very much a part of British culture… Continue reading

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Join Us In The English Countryside For A Boat Ride Through The Cotswolds

While you’re studying in England you shouldn’t miss a day out in the English countryside. The Cotswolds is what many people picture when they think of England – sleepy villages, rolling hills and thatched cottages… Continue reading

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