Manchester named the UK’s most liveable city 2019

View from below of Manchester town hall

The city of Manchester has climbed 13 places in the global liveability index in the past five years. It is now the highest UK city in the ranking, with London landing number 48. 

The liveability index measures the standard of living conditions in cities around the world by comparing political and social stability, crime rates, education and access to healthcare. Manchester in particular was chosen for its burgeoning cultural scene, range of restaurants and cafes and thriving economy. 

Other cities that performed well in the index included Melbourne, Sydney, Osaka, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Tokyo, Copenhagen and Adelaide. 

What makes Manchester so liveable?

Group of BSC students walking through Manchester

Food and drink

The city of Manchester is home to an enormous amount of restaurants, showcasing cuisine from around the world. From reasonably priced bistros to world-famous halal restaurants, diners are spoilt for choice in this metropolitan city. 

Employment opportunities

After the development of MediaCityUK in Salford (a large media park home to employers such as the BBC, ITV & the University of Salford), employment in the city of Manchester has gone from strength to strength. Combine this with the numerous small businesses that can be found in the city centre, Manchester is starting to rival London in terms of the career opportunities on offer for young professionals. 

Excellent transport links 

With over 200 tram and train stations across Greater Manchester, the city is one of the most well connected in the UK. In 1992, the city of Manchester was also one of the first in the UK to reintroduce the trams to the streets with the Manchester Metrolink. Nowadays, the modernisation of Manchester’s public transport system with initiatives such as online ticket purchases and the Metrolink app, allow movement around the city to be easier than ever.

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