Lead 5050: Victoria Pearson

Lead 5050 is a global professional network that aims to raise the profile of women in the international education industry. As part of BSC’s commitment to elevating the voices of women in our business, we are providing colleagues with the opportunity to become part of Lead 5050.

As members, BSC staff will have access to mentorship schemes as well as having the chance to attend networking events. We spoke to Victoria Pearson, BSC’s new Contracts Manager, about the reasons she decided to take part.

What made you want to join Lead 5050?

I would like to learn from the women leading in our industry and gain from their experience and wisdom. They have paved the way and their wisdom is invaluable. Through the CPD sessions, I would like to be able to better myself and explore new ideas and skills. I want to be a great representative for British Study Centres and be able to contribute even more to help it grow and become a global school. I’d love to be able to learn the skills to help our company open its first schools internationally. In Canada or Australia perhaps? It would be a privilege to be part of that as I believe whole heartedly in this company’s vision.

What’s the most exciting BSC project you’ve worked on so far?

I had the opportunity to be a part of the ‘Great Things Start Here’ workshop in January, which shaped the new vision of our student’s experience here at BSC; from before they even arrive at our schools, to after they depart. The workshop showed me the potential British Study Centres has as a supplier of education, and as an employer. It inspired me and gave me the confidence to believe that I could contribute more to further our vision of ‘Great Things Start Here’, for generations of students, within British Study Centres.

What do you most enjoy about working at BSC?

I enjoy the collaborative culture we have fostered here. Every employee is important and plays a role in the student’s journey. All ideas are welcome to help BSC succeed.

What’s been your biggest career success so far?

Honestly I haven’t had one particularity big success until taking on my new role as Contract Manager for BSC. However I believe the journey I have taken over my career has provided me with the experiences needed for this new role. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

What drives you in your career?

The pursuit of knowledge (I’m very geeky!), being a team player, and most importantly trying to improve the world around me through every company that I work for. I want to choose companies to work for that believe in being environmentally and socially conscientious. Even the smallest actions help to make the world a better place.

Is there a particular woman in business that inspires you? 

Sadly there’s hasn’t been many women in business that I have been aware of that inspired me, which I think is part of the problem that I hope inspirational groups like Lead 50/50 will help to improve.

However I have been very lucky to have parents who are amazing role models and who worked very hard to give my siblings and I the education and ideals we have. My mother was a Classroom Assistant for children with learning disabilities. She taught me to be kind to everyone I meet, no matter how they respond. She also took care of our whole family. She was an educator, the project manager of our house, and our matriarch; as many women in the world are. She inspires me every day. I also believe men can be inspiring leaders to women as well. My father is one of those men. He has worked hard to become an expert in his field and he is the pillar of strength and integrity in our family.

What innovations do you see in the future for BSC?

Expanding with interactive learning tools (BSC Learning app?) that we can promote to students so they can use before, during or after their visit. Partnering with companies in multiple industries to provide our students with vocational skills (particularity companies that are working toward a sustainable future). Expand our school locations to other English speaking countries like Australia & Canada.

If you had one wish for the future, what would it be?

To see British Study Centres lead the way in English education, and do so while promoting a sustainable future for our planet and promoting an inclusive environment for all people.

If you’d like to learn more about their initiatives for Women in the International Education industry, you cand find out more on the Lead 5050 website. 

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