Join Us In The English Countryside For A Boat Ride Through The Cotswolds

While you’re studying in England you shouldn’t miss a day out in the English countryside. The Cotswolds is what many people picture when they think of England – sleepy villages, rolling hills and thatched cottages. It’s so ‘typically English’! Millions of visitors to the UK make a trip to this area of the English countryside each year which is also famous for the historic cities of Oxford, Bath and Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare.

At British Study Centres Oxford the countryside is just 10 minutes away by bus or train. We’re going to organise a day in the Cotswolds for the whole school to encourage everyone to get out there. We will be taking traditional British narrowboats on the Cotswold canals, having traditional English cream teas and there will be many more typically British elements to the day, I’m sure. If you are already in Oxford or coming soon keep checking our social programme where the date will be announced in a short while.

What a beautiful place Oxfordshire is! Everyone says it, because it’s true! The moment you get tired of people-watching while drinking café lattes in the sunshine in Oxford’s bustling city centre, take a bus and in just ten minutes you might be sitting in the traditional garden of a thatched English cottage, having a cream tea!
This year, our students are even hiring traditional British narrowboats for a slow day on the Cotswolds canals – thought to be some of the finest waterways in the United Kingdom!

-Niko, School Director, British Study Centres Oxford

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