It’s party season at BSC London Central!

This month we discover how students at BSC London Central have been celebrating the festive season – and they’re not holding back!

Facilities Manager Paul (a.k.a. Father Christmas Paul) led the way by covering the canteen walls in fairy lights and setting the scene for a joyous team effort from both staff and students alike, who joined together after class to decorate the school and Christmas tree from top to bottom. Amongst the helpers were a number of students from the Long Stayers Club, a regular school Club for long-term students who have seen all the iconic London sights and want to discover more of local London life.

Hot chocolate, marshmallows, and gingerbread men were served, and mince pies were on offer for those who were brave enough to try them…

In addition, Social Programme Officer, Claudia, has filled December’s calendar with a range of seasonal social events designed to show students the best of Christmas in London, including Pub Night at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, mulled wine at Broadgate’s Winter Forest light installation, a visit to see the renowned Christmas decorations at Fortnum and Mason, a dance anthem ice-skating night at Somerset House, a cosy festive movie night at the school, as well as a visit to the Southbank’s vibrant Christmas market.

And the fun doesn’t stop there; today the school celebrates their biggest winter event of the year with a Christmas Party for all the students, complete with singing, dancing and even some theatrical acts! Festive food and drink will be served throughout, and Christmas Jumpers are strongly encouraged.

Want to see more of the fun? Check out the BSC London Facebook page to keep up to date with all the latest happenings!

From all the staff at BSC London Central, we wish you a wonderful festive season and a Happy New Year!

Meet Social Programme Officer, Claudia

Claudia has been with BSC London Central for over 10 years, having started as an English language student at the school in 2006. After her English language course, she worked as a marketing intern with the BSC sales & marketing team before taking a Masters in Marketing at West London College. During this time she started leading social activities for the school, and has been working full-time as Safeguarding and Social Programme Officer since 2012. Originally from Colombia, she knows London better than your average local, and has a passion for photography and graphic design. She also designs and makes jewellery in her free time!

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