All the English Internet Slang You Need to Know in 2019

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The more time you spend learning English, the more time you’ll spend reading English on the internet. And, even if you’ve mastered English vocabulary offline, you might find yourself scrolling through Social Media and getting pretty confused. Why do people keep asking me to DM them? Why is everyone hashtagging TBT?

We know it can all get pretty overwhelming! That’s why we’ve created a guide to help you navigate all the words and phrases you come across online. 

Essential Internet Abbreviations 

OMG – Oh My God. A way of expressing surprise, annoyance or glee. 

LOL – Laugh out loud. A way of telling people you’re laughing. 

TBH– To be honest.

BTW– By the Way. A way of introducing a new topic into conversation. 

BRB– Be right back. A way of letting your friends know you’ll be back to chat soon.

BFF– Best Friends Forever. 

TMI– Too much information. A way of saying that something contains too many intimate details.

DM– Direct Message. Can also be used as a verb “to DM someone.”

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Social Media Slang

FOMO– Fear of Missing Out. The feeling of being sad or anxious that something fun is happening without you. 

TBT– Throwback Thursday. A hashtag used to share old pictures that are a ‘throwback’ to the past. 

TFW– That Feeling When. 

NSFW– Not Suitable for Work. The thing you are sharing contains explicit content and shouldn’t be viewed at work. 

IRL– In Real Life. As in, not online or on Social Media. 

ICYMI– In case you missed it. 

IMO– In my opinion.

AMA– Ask me anything. 

BAE– A term of affection for a romantic partner, thought to have come from “baby” or “babe.

FTW– For the win! A term of encouragement 

JK– Just kidding. 

LMK– Let me know. 

NBD– No big deal. Common expression meaning something isn’t a problem. 

NVM– Never mind. 

Bump– A way of showing you like the content of the post by bringing more attention to it. 

Troll– A person who deliberately starts arguments or says offensive things online. 

HMU– Hit me up. Contact me or send me a message. 

Have we missed anything? Comment your favourite piece of internet slang below. Want to improve your English on and offline? Check out our English Language schools in the UK and Ireland.

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