International Night: Thai Cuisine

Being in England is always a good opportunity to get to know the fascinating British culture and, in addition, knowing better the infinitive number of cultures which currently coexist in our multicultural English language school!

BSC Oxford, through a wide range of activities, always gives the students the opportunity to learn more about each other’s cultures, especially about food! As well as our world famous international food days, we also help our students to taste their different typical food with their well-known “International Nights”.

So far we have celebrated the cuisine of Spain, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Turkey and, most recently, Thailand! Every week the students of same nationality take the rest of the students to a restaurant where they can all taste the most traditional delicacies from their country, while they explain more about their homeland and their most relevant cultural events. It is fantastic to see how the other students listening carefully to the host nationality group; surprised at their cultural differences but also they realise that all of us are not so different.

In conclusion, we at BSC say “travelling is the only purchase that makes you rich” and studying in BSC Oxford is an experience which well will increase your cultural wealth!

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