Great Things: Valentina’s Success Story

Rugby ball with text overlay "At the end of July, I will start working for the Rugby Football Union. My English course, as well as my time working at BSC, have helped me improve my level of English and gain the skills I needed to get my new job."

As part of our “Great Things” series, we interviewed Valentina, a former BSC  student whose English language skills led her to take on an internship and Sales career at British Study Centres. Now, after almost 10 years working as a rugby coach, she is moving on to start her career at the English Rugby Football Union. Read her story…

Photo of Valentina wearing All Black Rugby kit

Valentina’s BSC Success Story

What made you choose to come and study in the UK?

I wanted to improve my English to have more chances to find a good job related to my studies. I have a degree in Physical Education and Sport and had been working in swimming and rugby environments for some years at the time, but I needed something more to make the difference in the job market.

Could you tell us a bit about your time at BSC?

I started studying at BSC Oxford in September 2015, a few months after arriving in the UK. I was an au pair in a family in North Oxford and wanted to improve my English quickly and make new friends. After a few months, my level was quite good and one of my teachers mentioned there was an opportunity to do an internship in the company. A few weeks later, I started the first internship with the Academic Team in BSC Oxford, followed by a second one in the Student Services. In January 2017, I moved to BSC London Hampstead where I worked as Student Services Officer in different roles, and then as Acting Head of Student Services for a couple of months, before moving to the Sales Department where I work now.

What do you do now?

At the end of July, I will start working for the RFU (Rugby Football Union), the governing body for rugby union in England, as Discipline Administrator. I have been a Rugby Coach for almost 10 years now (with qualifications and experience in Italy and England) and this is definitely a dream job.

How did your course help you get there?

My English course as well my time working at BSC have helped me improve my level of English and gain the skills I needed to get my new job.

How have your English skills helped your career?

Nowadays, English is one of the most useful life and job skills you can have. Improving my English has helped me progress in my career and allowed me to feel more confident.

Would you recommend BSC?

I have had a great experience in BSC and I would definitely recommend BSC because of the quality of teaching and the friendliness of the staff.

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