Great Things: Dania’s Success Story

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As part of our “Great Things” series, we interviewed Dania, a former BSC Oxford student whose English language skills led her to complete a Marketing internship in China.

Dania’s BSC Success Story

Dania Manzini

Which course did you do with BSC and when?

In June 2018 I went to Oxford (UK) to attend the English Business Course. 

What made you choose to come and study in the UK?

I decided to study in the UK for two main reasons: first, I wanted to improve my English language skills and in my opinion, going to the UK was the only way to fully immerse myself in the English language, getting closer to the British culture. Secondly, the UK education system is associated with a high-quality education, so I was sure the whole experience would be valuable. Why Oxford? Because the city has wonderful architecture, it is culturally rich and Oxford’s accent is lovely.

Could you tell us a bit about your time at BSC?

In my opinion, BSC Oxford is a really nice place. It has plenty of rooms where you can spend time with your new friends, studying, chatting or playing games. The school is located in the city centre, so in a perfect position, and twice a week you can also go to the market just behind the building.

The teachers are very motivating, they know how to teach a foreign language without making it boring. On a weekly basis, we had to do short presentations, dubbing activities, group discussions, games, and other interesting activities. The number of students per class was limited and reasonable and classes were made up of students coming from all over the world, so there was a high degree of internationality. Finally, one thing I really appreciated is that in the weekend the school organises trips and one-day activity in Oxford and in the nearby cities.

What do you do now?

I am doing a Masters Degree in Italy and my major is Language and Management to China, in November I will be graduating. Currently, I am doing an internship at an Italian company located in China. My tasks are mainly related to marketing, so I have to do a lot of translation work and for this reason, the knowledge of English is fundamental in the context I work in.

Do you think having English language skills has helped you in your career?

The course I attended not only provided me with a deeper knowledge of the English language but also helped me in improving interpersonal competencies and soft skills. Indeed, I got in touch with people coming from all over the world and I realised that cultural sensitivity is fundamental in a multicultural context. Furthermore, since we were assigned a lot of team projects, I acquired coordination and team-working skills together with the ability to defend my arguments. This experience helped me to acquire self-confidence.

Considering that the modern world is more and more interconnected and that the major I chose is related to international business, I think that English language skills are fundamental for my future career.

Would you recommend BSC?

I absolutely recommend BSC for several reasons. First of all, the teachers are kind, professional and motivating. Secondly, the teaching methods adopted are interesting and extremely effective. In addition, the school has all the facilities needed. All these aspects played a role in making my time at BSC a valuable experience, which contributed to my education as a student and to my growth as a person.

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