Great Things: Camille’s Story

"The intensive courses helped me to improve my English and to have a better chance to find a job. I worked in a hotel for four months, which was a very useful experience for me."

Camille came to Ireland to study at BSC Dublin last year, hoping to gain work experience in the Irish capital and improve her English. Now returned to her native Belgium, she has recently been appointed as head waiter at a Michelin star restaurant.

Camille’s Success Story

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What course did you study at BSC?

At the beginning of my journey I decided to get intensive courses (25H/ week for 1 month), the intensive course helped me to improve my English and to have a better chance to find a job but also to take the time to get into the Irish culture. Later I had part-time English courses (15H/ week for 5 months). So I had the time to study and work at the same time. I worked in a hotel for 4 months, which was a very useful experience for me. 

What made you choose to come and study at BSC Dublin?

I wanted to work and study at the same time and saw that there was the opportunity to do that in the BSC program 

Could you tell us a bit about your time at BSC?

Everyone was very welcoming and helpful to me during my stay. I had a great time and it’s partially due to the activities that were organised. These moments helped us to learn each other and created a nice atmosphere even at school. 

What is your new job role & where?

I work now as a head waiter in the Michelin star restaurant “Philippe Meyers.”

How did your course help you get there?

They saw immediately that I had more facilities to communicate with native speakers. The English language expands more and more and it’s a major asset to speak the language. 

Do you think having English language skills has helped you in your career?

Yes, it helped me to get more responsibilities in the job I’m doing but also a better contact with the guest. 

Would you recommend BSC Dublin?

Yes, I totally recommend the BSC Dublin language school. The teachers are great and take the time to focus on the things that are the most useful/ important. And if you have something were you precisely want to work on. I’m sure that you just have to ask them and they would be happy to help you. And Dublin as a city is amazing! It’s a busy city where half of the population is younger than 30 years old. You will always find something to do, even at nighttime, it wouldn’t be a problem to find a nice pub to drink a pint with some friends.

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