Five Reasons to Teach English Abroad with CELTA

Students attending a CELTA class Edinburgh

Updated: May 2019

What is a CELTA?

The CELTA course is a highly regarded type of TEFL qualification (teaching English as a foreign language), equipping you with the skills and practical experience to take your teaching qualification anywhere in the world.

Why take a CELTA and not a TEFL?

The CELTA is an internationally recognised teaching qualification that is highly trusted by schools and organisations across the globe, CELTA is especially valuable because some employers, particularly in Asia, will only employ you to teach English if you have this qualification. Often having a CELTA qualification puts you in a better position for negotiating salary, because it is so highly regarded. 

Why take a CELTA?

Maybe you want to take your teaching skills abroad, perhaps you are looking for a complete career change, or it could be that you simply want to travel! Whatever your reasons, teaching English abroad is an experience that will change your life.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons to study a CELTA:

1.  Increase your confidence.

Not just a little bit, A LOT. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone to live and teach in different cultures is hugely satisfying. Once you’ve spent time doing something you’ve never done before (and realising that you actually CAN), you will feel able to manage anything that’s thrown your way, and you will truly never be the same again.

2. See the difference you make.

Teaching English helps you to personally influence and change peoples’ lives, so you know what you are doing is worth it. Yes, you’ll have students who don’t seem that interested but trust us, you will have twice as many other students who are, and these are the students who will feel the greatest impact of your work.

3. Experience life.

Teaching English can take you anywhere. And Anywhere is the home of new experiences, different lives, different languages, different people. So not only will you be changing lives, they will also be changing yours.

4. Take control of your career.

Once you have completed an English language teaching course such as CELTA, you are in the driving seat – where do YOU want to go? Home or abroad, the choice is yours.

5. Meet new people.

One thing is for sure: the friends you make abroad are the ones you keep for life. When you find yourselves thrown together, thousands of miles from home, your shared experiences become unforgettable and invaluable, creating friendships that will be with you forever.

Students attending a CELTA class BSC Manchester

At British Study Centres we offer a range of Teacher Training courses designed to suit the needs of teachers at every stage of their career, both in the UK and abroad. Our CELTA courses are one of the most popular Teacher Training options –  here are a few reasons why our CELTA graduates chose to study with us!

Why take a CELTA course with British Study Centres?

1. Expertise.

We have specialist Teacher Training centres in London, Oxford, York, Manchester and Edinburgh, offering a range of resources and expertise. We offer not just the CELTA but a whole range of TT programmes which gives our teacher training branch of BSC a deep understanding of the area as a whole. At British Study Centres, our Teacher Training centres across the UK are led by dedicated and experienced Teacher Training teams, with a wealth of teaching experience both at home and abroad, and a deep understanding of student needs.

2.Variety of locations.

BSC has a range of locations to choose from with the added benefit of being under the BSC knowledge umbrella.British Study Centres has a range of exciting locations to choose from, with specialist Teacher Training centres in London, Oxford, Manchester, York and Edinburgh, offering a range of resources and expertise.

3. Variety of formats.

Do your CELTA your way; Intensive, part-time, online and, with even Pre CELTA training days, there’s a format to suit every need. Do your CELTA, your way; at British Study Centres we offer CELTA courses to suit your lifestyle, including full-time intensive, part-time, and online CELTA options, as well as Pre-CELTA training days.

4. Many start dates.

We have regular start dates throughout the year in all of our centres across the UK, so you can find an option that fits best with your plans.

5. Accommodation.

When undertaking a CELTA at BSC you can book one of our many accommodation options. This means you are not restricted by location if you find a course you’d like to attend in a location not local to you.

6. Post CELTA support.

We offer Professional Development sessions giving advice on suitable career moves, job applications and a CV clinic. Our successful trainees are also given the opportunity to interview for a Teaching and Activity Leader (TAL) at one of our residential junior summer centres during the spring and summer months. We want you to get off to the best possible start in your teacher career. Therefore we offer Professional Development sessions giving advice on suitable career moves, job applications and a CV clinic.

7. Summer Job Opportunities.

Every year we recruit for our Junior Spring and Summer Centres across the UK. Our successful CELTA trainees are therefore given the opportunity to interview for Teaching and Activity Leader (TAL) positions at one of our many residential junior summer centres.

Where can I do a CELTA course in the UK?

You can take full-time, part-time and online CELTA courses at our schools in London (Hampstead School of English), Manchester (Manchester Academy of English), York (English Language Centre York) and Edinburgh (Edinburgh Language Centre), with full-time, part-time and online options available depending on your chosen location.

Not sure? Come to one of our CELTA Taster Days.


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