The Best Apps for English Language Learners

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Whether it’s to help you sleep, count your steps or manage your weekly budget, apps are here to make every aspect of our lives easier. And, learning English is no exception. Language learning apps are an excellent way of acquiring new vocabulary without becoming stressed by complicated grammar books or YouTube tutorials. They’re also a great way to keep in touch with the language in your downtime outside of your language lessons.

So, to help you decide which apps are worth your time (and mobile phone data) we’ve listed some of the best apps for English language learners. 

The Best Apps for Learning English

1. Duolingo

As far as free English learning apps go, there’s no better than DuoLingo. The app has gained fame around the world for its ‘gamified’ way of teaching languages. Offering fun, bite-sized lessons, colourful stepping stones and cute iconography Duolingo keeps you hooked with a childlike user experience. However, Advanced Learners might find the slow process a little too repetitive. 

2. Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone app aims to teach you a language ‘the way you first learnt’ with a fully immersive experience entirely in English. The app is especially effective with its voice recognition feature and frequently encourages you to speak the language. Just be aware that in order to get ‘full-access’ to the app you will need to pay a monthly subscription. 

3. Busuu

Busuu is often considered one of the best language learning apps, due to its innovative use of AI. What makes the app so effective is the fact that the team regularly conducts research into its effectiveness. In 2016, a study found that 22 hours of Busuu is equivalent to one college semester of language learning.

4. Drops: Learn English

Drops: Learn English is a fun and innovative language learning app which allows you to improve your English in just five minutes every day! With cool visuals and a stylish user experience, Drops is a great alternative for those who want to gain more vocabulary but don’t have much extra time on their hands. 

5. Memrise 

Memrise began as a sort of online flashcard database and has quickly evolved into one of the most useful language learning apps on the market. Now with the help of video and simplified vocabulary lists, Memrise is an excellent way to bolster your English vocabulary but is somewhat lacking when it comes to improving your grammar knowledge. 

6. Hello Talk

If practising with native speakers is what you’re looking for, then Hello Talk is the app for you. This English language app connects users with native speakers around the world so that you can learn from them at the same time they learn from you. If you’re interested in more language exchange apps, then check out our blog on where to find a language exchange. 

7. Babbel 

Perfect for beginners and intermediate students, Babbel provides students with a quick and easy option for learning English in their spare time. Even though the app may be good for beginner’s, it lacks enough content for intermediate to advanced students.

Are you ready to take your language learning off your phone and into the classroom? Then check out our English language courses for adults. Can’t make it to one of our school? Find out more about learning English online.

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