Alternative London: A Trip Down Brick Lane

This Tuesday afternoon with an inkling of summer in the air already, a group of students set off to roam the streets of London’s East End. Our final destination was Brick Lane but we decided to use this occasion to see a bit of Shoreditch, the part of the city around Brick Lane.

Shoreditch combines high-rise office buildings and rather small brick houses in a unique and lovely way. The main feature of this whole London area is its ever-changing face which is reshaped daily by the numerous artists that use these streets and, above all, their walls as an artistic playground. Graffiti in the most impossible places high up on walls, collage-like arrangements, enormous colourful mushrooms seemingly growing out of walls, etc.

Young, fashionable people have made these streets their home and Brick Lane is becoming more and more popular. Our students enjoyed their walk around Brick Lane’s famous curry restaurants, its vintage stores and one of London’s most famous record stores.

So if this sounds like a place you might like just come along next time to see one of London’s most popular areas!

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