A Visit to Buckingham Palace

Last Friday the 30 BSC students who had proved fastest at getting some of the incredibly popular tickets to Buckingham Palace went to see where the British monarch and her husband usually spend their days when they are not in their summer home. Being limited to a short period of time every summer, a visit to Buckingham Palace is a very exclusive opportunity. The fact that you can’t take photos of the palace during the visit clearly contributes to this exclusivity.

This ban on cameras means you have to use your imagination and try to imagine some of the magnificent places we had the honour to see in Her Majesty’s home. Let me take your imagination by the hand and lead it into the big ballroom: an enormous room, the walls covered in red silk interrupted by white and gold, richly ornate pillars, it is a breath-taking sight from the very moment you step into it. Red chaise longues lining both sides of the room, a massive organ to one side, a stage to the other, red soft carpet and polished wooden floor make you stalk through the room like a royal. As you progress on your visit the marvels continue and when you finally made it through all the beautiful drawing rooms and the picture galleries you can regale yourself with some lovely royal chocolate cake and coffee brewed in the café at the rear of her Majesty’s palace.

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