Ten reasons Dublin is a great city for international students

This month British Study Centres opened their doors in the fantastic city of Dublin! Famous for traditional pubs, Viking history and Trinity College; Dublin is a vibrant city with a welcoming international community. Here are a few reasons Dublin is a great city for international students and should be top of the list when choosing a destination to learn English.

1. It’s the youngest city in Europe

Over half of the population in Dublin are under 25 years old.

2. Dublin has over 772 pubs

If trying an authentic Guinness is something you’re hoping for then you won’t have any trouble finding the right place in this city.

3. It’s the sporting hub of Ireland

The national Irish rugby and soccer team play here as well the Dublin Gaelic football and Hurling team.

4. Great public transport system
The public transport system is easy to use as the city is compact and less intimidating than other cities while still being a huge cultural hub.

5. International cuisine
Some of the finest restaurants in Europe are situated in Dublin – you will be spoilt for choice for all types of food. Our team recommend Kerala Kitchen for Indian, Yamamori for Japanese or if it’s a traditional Irish meal you’re looking for then check out Brother Hubbard.

6. Lots of job opportunities
There are plenty of job opportunities in Dublin as companies like google and Facebook are situated in Dublin’s growing central business district.

7. Friendly culture
Irish people are very welcoming, friendly and proud of their culture. It’s easy to receive a true Irish experience when mixing with the locals.

8. Free activities
There are hundreds of different free activities to take part in, including guided tours of the city, as well as visits to the national parks of Ireland.

9. You can head to the beach
Dublin is situated near the coastline so in the summer months it’s easy to get to the beach and swim in the Irish sea!

10. Literary history

Dublin was home to some of the most famous writers in history such as James Joyce and is filled with rich literary culture. British Study Centres School is actually located in Ulysses House, connected to James Joyce’s famous novel Ulysses.

If you’re interested in studying English in Dublin then head to our website for more information. 

We look forward to seeing you in Dublin soon!

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