6 Reasons to Do a BSC CELTA

Teacher Training Courses
  1. Expertise. We have specialist Teacher Training centres in London, Oxford, York, Manchester and Edinburgh, offering a range of resources and expertise. We offer not just the CELTA but a whole range of TT programmes which gives our teacher training branch of BSC a deep understanding of the area as a whole.
  2. Variety of locations. BSC has a range of locations to choose from with the added benefit of being under the BSC knowledge umbrella.
  3. Variety of formats. Do your CELTA your way; Intensive, part-time, online and, with even Pre CELTA training days, there’s a format to suit every need.
  4. Many start dates. We have regular start dates throughout the year in all of our centres. So you can find a start date convenient to you.
  5. When undertaking a CELTA at BSC you can book one of our many accommodation options. This means you are not restricted by location if you find a course you’d like to attend in a location not local to you.
  6. Post CELTA support. We offer Professional Development sessions giving advice on suitable career moves, job applications and a CV clinic. Our successful trainees are also given the opportunity to interview for a Teaching and Activity Leader (TAL) at one of our residential junior summer centres during the spring and summer months.

Want to apply for a BSC CELTA course? Click here to find out more.

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