Staff Stories: Meet Kirsti in York

School: BSC York
Position: Head of Student Services
Nationality: British
Length of service: 10 Years

1. Tell us about your BSC story.
I started working at the formally known English Language Centre York in 2008 as the schools Registrar. I was responsible for all the student /agent bookings and finance. I progressed through the school in different roles and 10 years later I am now one of the School Managers. I work hard to ensure we provide our students with the best customer service to ensure every part of the student experience is a positive one. I aim to create a secure, safe and clean environment for our students to be able to flourish in the classroom.

2. When you started, did you ever think you’d stay with the school for so long, and what made you stay?
Not for 10 years, it was very different from the University of Law environment I came from and it took some getting used to. But with time I started to enjoy getting to know the industry and the rewards it could give me, being part of a team helping students grow and achieve their goals. We have been through some difficult times, but I have a very supportive Manager, fellow Manager, and a loyal team and a dedicated teaching team. I find my job very rewarding as I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and I am still learning!

3. What do you enjoy most about your job?
Working with my team to ensure our students get the best experience. I love to watch students grow and progress in their learning and how it changes their lives. Being able to speak English more fluently; the students may have great job opportunities, even get promoted in current roles, go onto university courses and of course become integrated into living in the UK. I also enjoy solving problems and finding ways of improving our school to create the best possible environment for our students and staff.

4. Tell us a bit about your background before joining the company.
I am originally and proud to be from a small country village in Wensleydale where I started working in an accountancy firm, but soon realised this road was not for me. So, I went travelling for a year, which opened my eyes. I had some amazing experiences and met so many other people from all over the world and from all walks of life. I came back to the UK and secured a job at the University of Law and through my 7 years there I progressed to Student Services Centre Manager. Looking after every aspect of the administration, from the students experience prior to enrolment, on their first day/week, financial planning, starting their course, exams, social, student balls and sports, right through to the day they graduated.

5. What have been the highlights of your time at the school so far?
Meeting so many wonderful students from all over the world and watching them grow in confidence during their time with us. But is sad when they leave ☹ I love continually learning through these experiences, every day is different.

6. What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?
Health, cooking and eating and making cakes. I have made many wedding cakes over the years for my friends and I love travelling and being with my family and even once in a while partake in an extreme sport as well as wellbeing and spa days.

7. What one piece of advice would you give to students coming to the UK to learn English?
Try and embrace the diversity and opportunities that may come your way, be yourself, relax and enjoy. Don’t miss out on a once-in-a-life-time opportunity, be open to every experience the UK can offer you, including our culture, British way of life, our food and of course our weather! (so check when you are coming and pack some warm clothes). 😊

8. Where in your city would you recommend that BSC students visit?
York is such a wonderful, vibrant, safe and student friendly city, so it is hard to pick one thing. But its rich history and heritage is what makes York, so York Minster is a must see.

9. Tell us one thing that not many people know about you
I like adrenaline sports, have jumped out planes, bungee jumps, riding motor bikes and driving fast cars.

10. What do you think makes your school stand out from others in your city? 
Working with all the staff at York, who are very dedicated to their jobs and always strive to offer our students the highest quality in English language teaching and help you enjoy the wonders of our wonderful historical York. We always strive to be the best!


Meet the York Team in one of our many English language classes in York – click here to find out more!

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