Student Blog: Why you should study in London

This week at Hampstead School of English we’ve been talking about relationships. One of the really great things about studying in London is the new friendships you make so we decided to focus on this in our blog. We wrote articles based on the idea: 'Why should you study in London: THE PEOPLE'. We came up with lots of ideas, some the same and some different but we all agree. We love our new friends in London! 

The Class

Jung, Beatriz and Chanhee

There are a large number of beneficial places where we can learn English. However, we would recommend you studying English in London. In this article, we will more focus on the relationship such as the classmates and teachers.

To begin with, we believe that the classmates are the most crucial ingredients during the whole period of studying in London on account of teacher’s active encouragement to keep students motivated to study. As an example of this, in our own experience, we have met a special teacher who we look up to. All the teacher’s enthusiasm are contagious. 

Moreover, you are able to hang out with many students from a lot of different nationalities and confide in them about the difficulties of living in London as a person coming here for the first time in their life. For instance, there are numerous well-organised social activities in school to help new students take many opportunities to get to know each other and get used to London life as quickly as they can. Due to these lovely events, students can take incomplete relationship outside to make it perfect.

Following these reasons above, I want to strongly make recommendation to you visiting London to experience of learning English.

Fabienne, Akina and Minyoung

Have you ever imagined studying English in London? Why do you hesitate about it? There are a lot of advantages. So, we suggest studying English in London.

Firstly, you will meet a lot of new people from all over the world who have different cultures. It is very interesting to spend time with people who have different nationalities. Also, you can experience their cultures. For example, you have opportunities to eat their food, learn their languages and compare the differences of traditions.

Secondly, your English will improve because you have to speak always in English. It is easier to learn the language. Since it is not your first language, sometimes it is difficult but it’s also funny. In addition, British English is nicer and more traditional than American English in our opinions.

Thirdly, you will be able to find friends in different ages, which is very exciting. If you stay in your country, it is difficult to meet people who are older or younger than you. So, you can compare the different life styles, hobbies or opinions.

In conclusion, there are not only advantages to learn English, but also to make new relationships and experiences. Why don’t you try it? See you tomorrow!

Jihyun and Maxime

One of the reasons why you should study in London is ‘The people’. We’ll speak about the advantages of going on trips with mates speaking different languages as you. It makes you broaden your horizon. During the whole trip, you’ll see how people see the world differently. You can discover different cultures and different way of living as long as you visit places that you didn’t know before. All of these points using English with fun and communicating between each other considering every point of view in order to complete your journey successfully. When you come back to London, you’ll bring all good memories with you. Unconsciously, your English will be improved by the most joyful way.

Minju and Leticia

Have you ever studied English in London? If not, I would recommend London to you.

Firstly, you can meet people from all over the world and, learn about their different customs.

In my opinion, it is great to share with them your different points of view about things because people come up with their different ideas.  So, you can learn English and different things as well.

For example, in class there are students from different nationalities, so, it is easy to practise your English because the only way you can communicate with them is in this language. However, if you coincide in class with people from your same country you should try to speak English.

Would you like to learn English in London? Contact us for more information about Hampstead School of English!

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