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This week students at Manchester Academy of English looked at how to write a competition entry. The task was to imagine that you were going back to, or thinking of going back to, a place you fondly remembered. The challenge was to hook the reader using a range of writing skills. The work they produced was excellent – I’ll let you choose your winner…

I’m feeling nostalgic. Sometimes, when I’m thinking of my best friend, I remember this holiday we had together. It was a few years ago, I went to Britain with my best friend’s family. We stayed in a lovely little house, surrounded by the forest and barely two hundred meters from an old port. We used to go fishing everyday on the quays and build some wood huts in the forest, close to the house. My best friend has six sisters, so the house being little, we were sleeping in a tent outside. I really want to go back to this peaceful place, but I’m quite afraid of the changes which could have happened there.

I was there a few years ago; our society is in a phase of steady updating so I can imagine that there have been some new things which have been brought to this place since the last time I was there. They probably renovated some buildings in the port, because some were kind of old. Some new shops probably opened too, so I guess there are more people or tourists who are visiting this place at the moment.

At the moment, I want to go back there; I want to know how different this place is from my memory, to maybe discover a new face or a new side of that.

Nevertheless, I’m a hundred percent sure that there are still some spaces which are still the same because although society is perhaps moving with times, but some spots will always stay the same.

by Guillaume

If I could go back to a few years ago, during the summer holidays in Croatia, I would do it. It was exactly four years ago, I went with my family to an island called Trogir, close to Split. It was an amazing place. We rented a flat in front of the sea. In fact, the sun shone every day and we had clear blue skies. I can also remember all the details of this peaceful place.

Nevertheless, there was a specific moment I will never forget. Every morning, I was always the first one to wake up at 6:30 am. So I got up, I put on my swimsuit and picked up a book. Then I went to a little creek just available which only we had access to watch the sunrise over the blue sea. It was wonderful. After that, I swam and I felt as if everything belonged to me because in that hour, nobody was there. When I talk about that, I can feel the sun on my skin and I can still hear the sound of the waves lapping upon the shore.

Sometimes, I listened to music or read a book. It depended on my mood. In my opinion, it was the best way to start a day.  But, I always enjoyed these moments because of my solitude, I felt free.

by Agathe

If I could go back to the best mixed emotion, when I was adolescent it would be when my sister was in her first pregnancy. We prepared together for her daughter, as she had known from x-ray she would have a daughter, by eating healthy food, sleeping very well and avoiding stress for the health of both mother and baby.

After four months of her pregnancy, we began shopping for her lovely daughter. Pink world, everything is pink which is the typical girl’s colour. It was really amazing to purchase items for a little girl. My sister was obsessed with buying dresses which cost the earth, but it didn’t matter to her so much. Then I decided to accompany her when she gave birth to share the moments with her and support her as well.

by Jamila

The day when I booked my ticket to one of my favourite cities in the USA which is L.A., I was very excited and I couldn’t wait to see this phenomenal city. I started packing my bag and my sister was helping me look for the best places to visit in LA .I always make a plan before I travel to any place on world. Two days left, my enthusiasm increased – I started to think about Hollywood, Santa Monica and the celebrities who walk down the red carpet with the flashing cameras around them.

One hour left, I am the first person at check-in, and then I went to the plane.

When I arrived there I was shocked because I was expecting magical things, which I didn’t initially find. But, a friend of mine told me that I have to visit universal studios – then I came back to my country and it was an amazing time

by Khaled

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