Student Blog: Five Hidden Gems in Edinburgh

This week Susan’s C1 class at Edinburgh Language Centre wrote “A hidden guide to Edinburgh” which tells us about some of the lesser known places to visit in the capital. They had been studying noun phrases so tried to incorporate as many as possible into their writing.

1. Tired of the busy life of Edinburgh? Try to escape it by walking “The water of Leith”. It is a walkway along the Leith which is the river of Edinburgh. You will be fascinated by all the nature, the stunning views of different parts of Edinburgh and the silence of this area. You can walk as long as you want and stop in Stockbridge or Dean Village for a coffee or refreshment in a local coffee shop. By the end of this walk you will find your mind clear and yourself relaxed.

2. Do you like time travelling? If so, the Georgian House is a must-see! This 18th century house, which is located at number 7 Charlotte Square is furnished exactly to its pristine Georgian decoration. You can visit it from March to November and admire this beautiful masterpiece of architecture.

3. After visiting the Georgian House, if strolling around George Street you feel peckish, we suggest that you stop by “Frederick’s”, a cosy little cafe. Many people may go there to enjoy hot and delicious drinks but few of them know that in the back of the cafe there’s a tiny room full of beautiful sofas where you can enjoy a quiet mid-afternoon tea.

4. The ice rink in Edinburgh is near Murrayfield stadium and you can go there easily by tram (it’s only 10 minutes from the city centre). On Friday night there are a lot of people who come because you can ice-skate with music. There is also a bar inside where you can buy hot and cold drinks and some snacks. Go there and enjoy the night!

5. Finally, “The Jolly Judge” is a great pub on the Royal Mile and is frequented by local students. It’s a quiet pub to have some discussion and it never feels crowded even though it’s next to the Royal Mile. Try to be early because the space is limited.

By Marcus, Marco, Nicole, Ninian, Lina, Elena, Silvia, Chiara, Andrea, Alberto, Francesca, Matteo, Davide and Ewen.

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