Student Blog: My Education, My Future

This week Eve's B1 class at English Language Centre York describe their different backgrounds in education, and why came to York to learn English.

Mayo, Japan

I have been studying aviation in University in Japan. But now, I’m studying English in York to take holiday from my University because I must study English for my job. The test is absolutely difficult. I must study a lot of things, but especially English. I have to speak in English to work. My objective is 6.5 in IELTS. I used to study music in past education. But I quit. I think I’d have been a music teacher if I had continued music.  

Tahani, Saudi Arabia

I finished my study two years ago. I got a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. It was a beautiful memory and always I hope I can return to the academic life.

Now, I’m studying English language in English Language Centre York. I practice to improve my language every day. When I finish my study there, I will enter York University to study the pre-sessional English course. I am planning to study a masters in Strategic Management.  I hope after I get my masters degree I will be able to start a PHD in York university.

Marta, Italy

I'm Marta and I come from Italy. I'm 23 and I have got a degree in Economics. I wanted to come here to learn English, but also to live this experience in another country with new people. I'm here also to prepare for my IELTS test, because I'm not sure now, but maybe I'll do a Masters or another two years at University to complete the study and to have a more important and specific degree with an English course. If I pass the IELTS test with a high mark, I'll be able to enter in a more prestigious University.      

Joyce, Brazil

I lived in a very nice neighbourhood when I was young and I have good memories about friends of my school. I enjoyed every class with them. After that I got a degree in the University in São Paulo which was strict and I needed to study a lot.

At the moment I live in England and I am studying English at English Language Centre York. I think this school is a nice place to meet people from different countries. It has been a fantastic experience.

I hope to improve my English during the time because if I have good English in all skills I can find good job opportunities when I go back to my country. 

Amaro, Angola

I started my primary school when I was 5 years old. I finished my high school 6 months ago in Luanda, Angola, and then I moved to United Kingdom to continue my studies. I’m studying English at English Language Centre York and if I pass the IELTS exam, I will apply for university to study Chemical Engineering at the university of Hull, I’m really excited to do that.

Miyuko, Japan

I have been studying English since I entered junior high school. So if I summarise the years for which I studied English, they total more than ten years! But my English level is still low and I have been thinking that I should improve it. So, I have decided to go to England and learn English by living here now. I think it was a good decision. It is because, if I were in Japan, I would have less time to use English. But, I am in York and have many opportunities to communicate with people in English. Of course, I make some mistakes or what I say cannot be understood by them, but I think these opportunities also help me to improve English. And surprisingly, when I communicate fluently with them in English, I can be a friendlier person. This is a big discovery for me. So, I want to continue studying English to discover myself which I have not known.  

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