Student Blog: Our Perfect Day in York

This week Nigel's upper-intermediate class at English Language Centre York write an overview of the perfect day out in York!

First Stop: National Railway Museum
“It’s a must visit!”

The National Railway Museum is one of the most attractive places in York to visit. There you can see some interesting trains and find out about their part in the history of the main transport system in the Industrial Revolution.

And you know what? It’s completely free, which means that you don’t need to pay to have fun.

It is located just 5 minutes from the train station and across the river from the York Minster.

Some trains are very old and others are very modern. The most famous one is “Flying Scotsman”. Also you can see some modern trains like the Eurostar, which is state-of-the-art. All of the trains are very unique, but a must-see is the “Hardwicke” built in 1895, which is one of the oldest in the museum.

During your visit, if you feel tired or hungry you can take a rest and relax at the cafe inside the museum, where you can feel like you are inside of a train. It’s a bit expensive but I think it is worth the money.

by Lucimara from Angola and J Lee from South Korea

A bite for lunch: Subway

© Stefan Rohrer

“Very delicious”

We went to Subway in the centre of York last week and we loved it.

It’s a fantastic place, especially if you love sandwiches. You can choose your own bread, filling and sauce. You also have the choice of medium or large slices of bread. Alternatively, you can eat salad if you’re on diet.

The service is good and quick and the price is consistent with what you eat and is always less than £10. It’s a cheap place with high quality ingredients. And also, you can have access to free Wi-Fi to chat with your friends while you’re eating.

It’s the best place to have lunch with friends or by yourself. It’s brilliant!

by Sergio Monteiro (Angola) and Stefan Rohrer (Switzerland)

A wonderful afternoon: York Minster

© Pholrad Banthonsade

If you are a culture vulture and you have the opportunity to visit York. Do not hesitate to visit the cathedral of Saint Peter, commonly known as York Minister. York Minister is a famous tourist attraction. It is the second largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe.

The architecture of the building is a very impressive structure made of stone with stained glass. Inside you will see stunning designs on the wall, ceiling, and windows.

Walking around the hall, you can go down to the undercroft used as a museum where you can learn about the history and see an architect’s model of York Minister.

What’s more, any tourist can look up at the towers of cathedral from any place in the city.

by Pholrad Banthonsade (Thailand) and Esteban Asian (Spain)

A drink before you go: The Graduate

The Graduate is a convenient pub in downtown York. It is in Lendal, the street opposite Museum Gardens and 7 minutes from the train station.

There are small tables for people who want a cosy ambience and also screens for those who prefer to watch sport matches in a lively atmosphere. The food is quite good but prices are a little bit high mainly for the hearty main courses. It seems like junk food although it is actually not, because they use fresh ingredients for their dishes and they serve homemade food.

They serve a wide range of drinks from orange juice to cocktails. You should go and try the cocktails and pints of beer that have special low prices only on Thursday. 

Don’t miss the sweet desserts you can find there. You can have a very good time at the Graduate.

by Alberta Jaqueline Padilla Zuniga (Mexico), Bashar Alamer (Kuwait) and Jun-Hyeong Yoo (South Korea)

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Header photo: ©TheTurfBurner, licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.0


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