Student Blog: If I won a million pounds…

This week Simon's B1 class at English Language Centre York dream about what they would do if they won 1 million pounds…

What we would do if we won 1 million pounds

If we won 1 million pounds, we would travel around Europe in a modern car: the Porsche Panamera Turbo S. We have chosen this car because it’s a comfortable and a speedy car. We would buy this car from a local company in Germany. This car has a really huge engine which is 4.8 litre V8 twin turbo and the top speed is 320 km/h. That is the reason which makes us think about buying this car.

… And guess what? We won!!! Here is what we plan to do:

We will start in Spain, and then we will visit France, especially Paris. We are planning to stay in a hotel downtown. If the weather is nice maybe we'll extend the booking for a few days. After that, we will visit Italy, beginning in Rome. We will try Italian pizza in the restaurants there. Then we will visit Venice, because it has spectacular scenery. In the middle of our trip, we are going to spend two days in Tuscany at Le Boscarecce. We will try to spend the most beautiful moments travelling in our car.

Then we will go to London. We chose to go to Big Ben first because that is the most famous UK landmark, and I think that is the best place we can go to study British culture. The people in London are all very friendly. It is really good to travel to this city, we must enjoy it in London. After that I think we will go to the biggest shop in London which is Selfridges. We can go shopping there, and after that we can have afternoon tea in Chinatown every single day. After afternoon tea we can go to watch a special traditional Chinese show. And after that we will have dinner, we can eat special food from different cultures, and we can eat as much as we want. We can do these things all week. At night we can go to night clubs or casinos to have fun, it sounds really good. I think we will have fun and we will never forget this trip.

If we won one million pounds, we would go to the Caribbean

Speedboat and catamaran – Trip to Paradise Island Saona:

This is an exciting adventure with a speedboat and catamaran to the enchanting paradise Island Saona. This island is part of a protected nature park. The arrival will be with a catamaran. The stay on this Island is perfect for relaxing. Also you can enjoy a massage there. A buffet with grilled specialities and drinks for lunch is available. The return will be with the speedboat.

Restaurants and Hotels:

When you arrive at the hotel you can choose a flat or a single room. The prices are not the same, it depends on what you want. But if you want to talk about restaurants, there are many restaurants in Salto Limon. The First restaurant is The Grill. It is near to the Punta Cana. This is a good American sea food restaurant and is open from 11:30 to 7:00.

You can select a lot of foods and look at the sea. Another restaurant is Simon mansion restaurant.This is another American restaurant, it also serves seafood, sushi, Asian food and Mediterranean food. It is in Panta Cana near the International Panta Cana airport. If you prefer Spanish or vegetarian the yalla is the best in front of banco Progresso.

If you would like to stay in the Sensatori resort hotel, prices start £ 929. Barvaro is a small town with two big selling points, the first point is that it is near the beach, and the second point is the good hotels. The beach has white sand and calm water and you can listen to live music and go fishing.

Salto Limon:

Salto Limon is a waterfall. When you arrive in El Limon you should take the boots which you get offered. Because they will be useful for the ride on a horse through the muddy landscape. The ride with the horse goes on for 30 minutes. You’re accompanied by a guide. It goes through tropical forest, brooks, muddy ways until shortly before these waterfalls. The last 200 metres you must go by foot, because the terrain is too steep for horses. The waterfall is a beautiful sight. It is about 30 metres high. In the morning it is especially impressive, because it is still illuminated by the sun. When you want you can going to swim and the water drops on your shoulders from above. The way back is done the same.

By Corina Nuenlist and Mohammed Alzari

If you won a million pounds, how about travelling the world?

If you won a million pounds, what would you do? Buy a luxury car, or a huge house? How about travelling the world?

If we won a million pounds, we would travel to a lot of wonderful places. Now, we’ll introduce some places which are good for sightseeing or relaxing.

First of all, the country which we want to introduce first is Bolivia. Bolivia is the place we most want to travel to in future. Because there is a very beautiful place called Salar de Uyuni there. Salar de Uyuni is one of the places you should visit before you die. It is well known as “The Biggest Mirror in the World.”
Twenty thousand years ago, a huge lake was formed there when the ocean was risen by Earth crust movement. After a very long time, the lake had all evaporated and there were only salt crystals left caused by the dry weather and there being only a little rain.

The amount of salt that was made in Salar de Uyuni is so large that the people who live in Bolivia can use it for thousands of years. And there is a hotel made from salt. Of course, it’s quite expensive.

The second place we want to recommend is Cancun. The city is located on the Caribbean Sea. It has a tropical climate. It is hottest from May to September.
In the 1960s, the Mexican government was seeking the ideal place to build a resort. They set some standards to choose a spot, like average temperature, beach quality and accessibility. And then, Cancun was born.

If you’re looking for a place with good weather, water sports and many options for accommodation, Cancun is where you should go. Cancun is an ideal place for scuba diving and snorkelling. You also can go golfing, fishing or play tennis.
And there is no better place than Cancun for nightlife. There are so many great bars, clubs and lounges that you can spend a perfect evening.

There are also many luxurious types of accommodation. You can choose one of many types of these from superb villas to resorts which have wonderful views.
You can do a day of touring at the archeological sites in the south of the city. One attraction near Cancun is the island of Cozumel. Cozumel is a place where Maya royalty used to have their holidays.

The next place is Turkey. It is a nice country and has a lot of beautiful scenery. There are old historical and beautiful buildings in the centre of Istanbul. There are historical museums of Muslim culture. There is a really nice atmosphere and the average temperature is between 12 to 15 degrees.

There is a famous museum called Hagia Sophia. There are many antiquities in this museum. For example, old formal clothes and beautiful historical swords.

Furthermore, there is a huge palace called Topkapi Palace where monarchs of the Osman Empire lived in Istanbul for four hundred years. The style is different from European palaces. Now it is a museum and famous as a major tourist attraction.

And there is another city called Bursa. There are a lot of mountains and you can go skiing in the winter. As well as this, it has some beautiful Arabic restaurants at the peak of mountain. If you visit Turkey, you should go sightseeing there.

At last, there is also a famous street called Istanbul St. It has a lot of nice and expensive shops and old cafes. This is the third place we would want to travel to if we were millionaires.

In the end, we’d go to the Maldives, because there are a lot of things to do such as scuba diving, water sports, fishing, parasailing, water skiing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and whale and dolphin watching. A lot of couples spend their honeymoon there, because these islands seem to be isolated from the real world. It is like living in a utopia, where everything is perfect and nice. There are a lot of luxurious hotels. The thing that I like about the Maldives is its environment and the blue sea which gets people’s attention easily. Despite the high prices there, people still try to earn money to just visit and see how it is.

By Somin Shin, Essa Alajmi, Rashed Alazmi

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