Student Blog: Famous Quotes about London

This week’s B1 class at Hampstead School of English were asked to read some famous quotes about London and choose their favourite and what it meant to them.

First of all there is Eunsung:

I like the quote by an unknown writer who said "a bad day in London was still better than a good day anywhere else." I think it means London is the best city no matter what the weather is like.

It interests me and also I agree with the writer because I really have loved this city since I was in Seoul. The atmosphere, views, lifestyles and everything didn’t disappoint me.

I also like the quote By Kano who said “London, London, London town? You can toughen up or get thrown around.” I think he is trying to say London is as hard to survive as in overseas countries. I like it because it can be one of the most important experiences in my life. Furthermore, people can be stronger mentally and maturely while they live here, but I believe that if people in London who really wanted to live, they would enjoy toughening up or get thrown around.

And then there is Chaehyun:

I like the quote by Georgia May Jagger, who said she “loved to shop vintage clothes in London”. She usually went to Relic and Alfie’s market. She usually brunched around London Bridge where she lived.

I think she is trying to say that London is leisurely enough to enjoy her leisure time and do something she likes. Also, we can see lots of vintage shops and markets that sell used things, so we feel London is still in the past.

I like it because I love shopping vintage clothes at markets. I can get good clothes that suit me very well at cheap prices. Also I love walking around the city. Since I think the best way to feel the city where I am is walking around the city. While I walk around London, I can see old buildings that makes me feel like Im in the 1990s.

Furthermore, finding my favorite shop or café is also good way to enjoy London. This is why I like this quote.

Soojung said:

I like the quote by David Bailey who said “if you are curious London is an amazing place.” I think the message is London has many exciting places where we’d be interested and haven’t disliked at previously. It interests me because I agree with David Bailey. There are various sides of London. If you come to London, you can feel a different atmosphere. First of all, the architecture in London is harmonized with classic one and modern one. In the centre of London, new modern buildings have been built. For instance, there are the Shard (which is the tallest building in the UK), the London Eye, the Swiss re Tower, the Skygarden in Southbank, Usually in a big city, we imagine that there skyscrapers standing in a row in the centre of the city like New York, but London has relatively less. And classic architecture still remains everywhere, when you are walking on a road, buildings which you saw will be almost classic one. Something will have passed 300 years or more like some houses or cathedral. This is because of the British characteristics respecting British history and tradition. If you see the buildings you can feel the feelings that you stand on the site of past.

Hyeri went on to say:

I like the quote by Samuel Johnson who said “I found no man, at all intellectual, who was willing to leave London. No, sir, when a man was tired of life, for there was in London all that life could afford.”

I think it means, it’s difficult to feel bored in London. Because there are lots of interesting things in London; such as galleries, museums (entrance free), beautiful parks, markets, classic building…

It’s interesting to me because I saw this quote the first time on the name of the book. The name is “Tired of London, Tired of life”. But the author isn’t Samuel Johnson but Tom Jones. Anyway, when I saw the book, I was travelling in London, and I thought London is very interesting. So I agreed with the author of the book.

And finally Guiseppe said:

I like the quote of David Bailey, an important photographer of the UK, about being curious in London. Because his professional story I think that this sentence is related to “swinging” London, the style of life of the new generation. I think that it means if you are in a particular place like Carnaby Street, you would see many guys who take a coffee or doing shopping and so this is a type of lifestyle that in our generation is very common.

I like this because it is a new way to know this city. I’ll spend a lot of time to visit London.

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