Student Blog: Best day trips from York

Nigel's pre-intermediate class at English Language Centre York tell us about the best places to go on a day trip from York. Here are their recommendations:


3 weeks ago, I visited Newcastle with my sister. We took the train from York station at 10:08 on a Sunday and arrived just over 1 hour later in a sunny Newcastle. We decided to go to the Baltic Gallery. When we went to the gallery, we saw a building like the Opera House in Sydney, across the river. It was the Sage. 

After crossing a bridge, we arrived at the Baltic Gallery. It’s just 20 minutes from the station to the gallery. There were lots of pictures. All the pictures were so fantastic. The Baltic Gallery is similar to the Tate Modern. I bought three pairs of earrings in the shop in the gallery. After that, we came out of the gallery and we walked over the Millennium Bridge near the gallery. Fortunately, I was able to watch the bridge opening. Although there were many bridges in Newcastle, I think the Millennium Bridge is the best.

Not far from the end of the bridge, they were holding a market, so we looked around the market. Almost all the stalls in the market were selling food. We felt it difficult to decide which food to eat, because all food in there seemed to be delicious. Many kinds of sweets such as ice cream, candy and muffins were there and many kinds of food like burger, sandwich and rice tempted me. Finally, I decided to eat a hamburger after considering the food for a long time. Also I ate a sweet waffle with soft cream and strawberry and chocolate syrup. It was a nice that I chose burger and waffle. My sister ate a burger like mine and churro. The churro she ate was also tasty.
When we were visiting Newcastle, the weather was so clear, and we enjoyed great views and tasty food, so we felt very satisfied there.

by Hyeri Yun (South Korea)

Flamingo Land Resort

Last week I visited Flamingo Land Resort.  It’s a nice place to see different birds, monkeys and a lot of other animals, on the road to Whitby. It took about an hour by coach.  After seeing the animals, I relaxed in a small comfortable mud hut by the river. Then, I took a ride on a small boat to see the hippos and many kinds of small fish. During the early evening, the weather was great as it was dry and so we stayed outside, ate fast food and listened to romantic music on our mobiles.  The trip was great. We really enjoyed it and I made new friends. We were amazed to see many things on this trip and took a lot of pictures. We had a lovely time together.

by Adel Alanizi (Kuwait)


I went to Manchester by train three week ago. It’s only one hour and half from York.  I spent one day shopping with my friend. It’s an amazing, very beautiful city because I can find everything I want there.

I went to the Al-Madinah Arabic restaurant and ate kapsah. I visited many shops. I’m very happy about this stadium. Really, Manchester is a very nice city. I am now thinking about living in it.

I will definitely visit it again.

by Ahmed Althubyani and Abdulhadi Alahmadi (Saudi Arabia)


1 week ago, I visited Huddersfield, which is a great city to visit with buildings on top of the hill and wonderful views.  I went there with some friends from Qatar. We took the train from York. It took just 2 hours. The weather in Huddersfield was sunny. 

When I arrived, I went to my friend’s apartment and played some games like play station and some card games. After that, we hung out and went to the centre of Huddersfield.                                                                                      

We ate some Arabic food in the Zubara restaurant. It was delicious. After eating some food, we went shopping.                                                                                                                                                                        

My final impression of Huddersfield is it’s a nice city and they are friendly people there.  

by Ahmed Al-Jalham (Qatar)


On 12 March 2016 I went to Leeds by train. My journey started at 9 o’clock at the train station in York and I arrived in Leeds at 9.25. The weather in York was sunny, but when I arrived in Leeds it was cloudy. Leeds is a big city with a lot of shops. Leeds is a city for people who like shopping and being with many people.

My shopping trip was interesting but not so enjoyable, because I was alone the whole day. However, I bought a lovely t-shirt and trousers for gymnastics. I think some shops in Leeds are very expensive, because it has a lot of famous brands. For lunch I ate in an Italian restaurant called Bella Italia near Trinity, the Leeds Shopping Centre. The spaghetti was very good.

Leeds is a nice city but I think York is better than Leeds. At 5 o’clock, I travelled back to York after a good day’s shopping.

by Corina Nuenlist (Switzerland)

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