Student Blog: My Christmas and New Year 2015

This week Joy's Intermediate students at English Language Centre York write about how they spent their time over the Christmas period.

Sanggyeong Lee

I went to Disneyland in Paris with my Korean friend on Christmas Day. It was a fantastic experience in my life, because I really like Disney films and characters. When I went there, I met lots of lovely Disney characters like Mickey and Mini Mouse, Donald Duck and Toy Story characters. So I took some pictures with them and I drew a cute Pooh Bear with a Disney assistant! But the rides weren’t what I expected, because I didn’t feel any thrill. I think the reason was that the ride’s focus was for children. And then I saw the night parade. When I saw it, I felt I was back in my childhood. The best thing was the Cinderella castle in the night! It was really beautiful and fantastic. I will never forget my wonderful Christmas with Disney!

Xiulan Chen

We had a special Christmas party 2015 and it was lovely. We really enjoyed this Christmas. This Christmas was different! When we finished work on Christmas Eve after 11pm, all staff had a party with my family. We had dinner together and played a game and had a lucky draw. That was very lovely and exciting, because we had over 50 prizes! First prize was an IPhone 6S, second was a minipad, the third was speakers, some cash packets and other consolation prizes were a lot of different things. Also when they were playing a game and you lost, you would have to give a performance. Fantastic! I really enjoyed it; it was a lovely Christmas Eve party.

Mohammed Alkanderi

Today I'll write a topic about my Christmas. I arrived to York city on the 26th Dec 2015 and my flight was nice, it was from Kuwait to London to Leeds. But we missed a plane from London to Leeds because we arrived from Kuwait late! Here was not the problem! The real problem was the arrival card. On the plane the staff told us you don't need to write the arrival card because we had a transfer. When we arrived in London they told us they wanted the arrival card that was the problem. And so we missed the plane. There were no flights to Leeds because Leeds was flooded! We took a flight to Manchester and then to York by taxi. On the second day we went to the York city centre to complete the forms in our school but the school was closed and everything was closed because of Boxing Day. And the school would be open on the 29th of Dec. We said okay and we came back on the 29th and I completed the forms and I felt comfortable after that. We did not have anything to do just eating and sleeping. It was really boring, until we began school on 4th Jan 2016. I was very excited to start my studies!

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