Student Blog: How to play ‘Tutti Frutti’

This week Sergio's B2 class at Hampstead School of English tell us how to play their favourite game, 'Tutti Frutti', which is great for practising your English vocabulary!

Tutti Frutti is a game for two or more people. It’s very popular in Argentina and all Latin American countries, but nobody knows where it comes from originally. For this game you just need a pencil and a paper per person and the most important thing that you need is your brain and your general knowledge.

This game consists of how quickly you can fill all the gaps with a randomly chosen letter.

First of all, you have to choose different categories that you want to play with, for example, animals, names, famous people, colours, countries, food, brands, professions, etc. After that, you have to draw the grid like this:




To choose the letter someone has to silently think of the letters in alphabetical order and the other player stops the player that is thinking. As soon as the first player says the letter the games starts. You have to fill all the gaps quickly. The first player that completes every category must shout “stop for me and for everyone” and no one can write anymore. Finally, you have to count the points you have achieved.

  • If at least two players have written the same answer in the same category, you get 5 points.
  • If the players have different answers in the same category, you get 10 points.
  • (For example: 4 players. In the category “names”, two of them write “Ashley” (they get 5 points each), but if the other two players write “Anna” and “Andrew” (they get 10 points each))
  • If just one player writes an answer (and the other ones does not), you get 20 points.

After the number of rounds you want, the person that has more points is the winner!

Tutti-frutti is a popular game in Argentina that normally you play with friends.

If you play in English might be useful to expand your vocabulary because you have to think quickly and have previous knowledge. Also you can get to know other typical things about other cultures or countries. It would be nice to see it played more in English classes.

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