Student Blog: Free Time in London

This week Anne's beginner's English class at Hampstead School of English share what they've been doing in their free time. Learning how to use the English language to describe activities, places and food, they have quickly picked up common expressions – well done!

Hi I’m Gokhan. I studying. My fifth week in London. I go to school by train. I went to French Restaurant (Cote Bistot) with school friends two weeks ago. I ate lamb. I drank rose and white wine. It’s reasonable restaurant. My favourite food lamb, beef and chicken. I like dark chocolate. Monday-Friday to every morning I wake-up at 07.00 o’clock. I went to Oxford to Oxford Street with my Furkan last weekend. I went Simit Saray (Turkish Restaurant). I ate sandwich. I drank black tea.

Oxford Street is very crowded. Primark is very cheap. At the weekend, I do homework. I did the laundry. My room cleaned.

In my free time:
I watch True Detective and the Walking Dead. I like going walk. I really like listen to music. I watch football. Every weekend go around London. Every Friday I go to pub. I drink beer. My favourite drink beer, white wine. I seldom go to cinema. I usually go shopping in Tesco.

Hi I’m Abdullah. In free time. I usually go to a restaurant. There I went to cafĂ© with friends last week. I’m crazy about car that. I visited BBC Top Gear. I love it.  Last week I went to the cinema. I watched films spectre for James Bond. And yes I fancy popcorn  too. Last weekend I went to Hyde park. I ride bike for one hours. It is free cheap just £1. There I want around Hyde park. I seldom go shopping in Harrods because it is very expensive. I don’t like football. Whereas, I fancy swimming and exercise.

I’m Furkan. I’m studying, my third week in London. I went to French restaurant with school friends two weeks ago. Gokhan last weekend and I went for a ride in Oxford circus and was very nice but also very crowded.
October 29, the school also had a costume party I joined him and had a little fun. When the party finished Gokhan and I went to Tottenham, we went to watch football match. I went Turkish restaurant. I ate sandwich. I drank black tea.

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