Student Blog: Tips for Living in Edinburgh

This week Susan's B2 Class at Edinburgh Language Centre share their top tips for living in Edinburgh!

When you arrive in Edinburgh there are many cultural differences to be aware of. So if you are planning to visit Edinburgh, here are some tips for your stay.

Everyday tips

Edinburgh is a nice town to walk through but if you prefer to go by bus don’t forget to bring the exact money because the driver can’t give you change. If you stay for a long time then it’s better to buy a RIDACARD because you pay less and you have unlimited travel using public transport. It’s important to say that the public transport system works well and you don’t have to wait for a long time at the bus stop. And if you want to be polite like the Scottish people, our advice is to say “THANK YOU” to the driver when you get off the bus.

Social life/night life

To go out? or out out? (to explain to go out means just go out for a few drinks with friends. Out out means a few drinks then on to a club until the early hours of the morning). In Edinburgh the nightlife starts after work at about 5 o’clock. Our advice for you is to go to a pub as soon as you finish work because at about 9 o’clock it is very crowded and you can’t get in any more. If you want to discover a real traditional Scottish pub you have to search for a small one with traditional wooden decoration and live music in it. The best area to find this type of pub is in the old town, for example “The Royal Oak”. Young Scottish people usually have some drinks at home before they go out. They call that ‘predrinking’ or ‘pre-loading’. There are not many clubs and they have to be there early because it’s very crowded and the clubs close at 3am.

Hungry in Scotland? Try the food

But there are some things you should be aware of…..

If ordering a traditional speciality you could be surprised at what you get…. Haggis for example, is made out of intestines put into a sheep’s stomach. And when ordering a pudding it could contain a lot of blood. Black pudding is made out of a pig’s blood, oatmeal and suet. If you want to be on the safe side, order a cake…..

By Susan’s Green (B2) class: Luciana (Brazil), Dirk, Laura and Markus (Germany), Hildegard (Austria), Hamza (Turkey), Valentina (Italy), Thomas (France), Rita (Switzerland), Saki (Japan), Malin (Sweden) and Erwin (Angola).

Would you like to discover Scotland and learn English in Edinburgh? Click here to find out more about Edinburgh Language Centre.

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