Student Blog: Learning English at Manchester Academy of English

This week Mariam's advanced C1 class tell us about their favourite moments learning English at Manchester Academy of English.

Ji Sun's Experience

It was one of those drowsy afternoons. I had already said goodbye to a number of classmates the previous week therefore my afternoon class had been rearranged again. Since it takes me time to come out of my shell, the change was not pleasant news at all. The only thing that eased my mind at the time was that Stuart, my favourite teacher, was the teacher. Holding my breath, I opened the door. The class was crowded with students from different countries.

I was familiar with one or two of the students. All of a sudden, I felt a wave of excitement. A little voice told me “I might be able to enjoy a group discussion again.”

Studying political science has made me question things more. On top of that, the topic for that day was European Immigration Crisis which I am currently interested in. As always in Stuart’s class we learn the vocabulary regarding the topic first. Then I was waiting for him to hand out ‘Stuart’s notes’ as I call them which are small pieces of paper on which several topics of debate are written. After that he divided us into small groups. Finally the time had come. Throughout the discussion, I was able to listen to opinions with different perspectives. Moreover, I added more questions related to the issue and interviewed my classmates from European countries. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of my classmates, I broadened my perspectives on immigration issues.

After the class, I was fulfilled, content and energised. If you enjoy debating as much as me, Stuart’s class is the place to be.

Philipp Keller's Experience

As for me I had just arrived two days ago here in Manchester. On the first day, we went on a tour through the Northern Quarter. We saw a lot of beautiful old buildings like libraries, museums, small shops and a few pubs. Besides that I met a lot of nice and friendly people from all over Europe.

I really love football and luckily the guys from my group shared this interest. Therefore we decided to watch the much anticipated England vs Switzerland match in a pub. I was excited about watching a football match in a pub surrounded by British football fans. Most of us have seen a lot of movies about football fans in England, but I was able to experience it first-hand. YOU can too when you come to Manchester. 

All in all, after four days here, I think my trip to Manchester has been a good opportunity to improve my English skills and to meet new people. It will help me a lot when I start my studies in two weeks.

Would you like to learn English in Manchester? Click here to find out more about Manchester Academy of English or contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help!

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