6 Tips on How to Get a Job Teaching English Abroad

By Dolores Long, CELTA Trainer at Manchester Academy of English

Dolores has been with Manchester Academy of English for over 12 years, having brought with her extensive experience of teaching English to a wide audience both at home and abroad. 

Doing a CELTA certificate course can be a life-changing experience. CELTA courses can be done full-time, part-time or online to suit your circumstances.  Whichever way you choose to do it, having a CELTA certificate will certainly increase your chances of finding work either in the UK or abroad.  Here are some tips based on my experience of working in the UK and abroad.

1. Demand for people to teach English in the UK and abroad is high and so most trainees find work after completing the CELTA course.  Having a recognised qualification such as the CELTA certificate will increase your chances of finding work in a reputable and well-established language school.

2. Once you’ve thought about where you want to teach, do your research. There is lots of useful advice on the internet and TEFL forums. Contact people who have worked in that country or in that school. Check the conditions of employment carefully. Find out what professional support you’ll receive, contact hours and whether you’ll need to find your own accommodation. Check out the dress code and make sure you have health insurance.

3. Be prepared for the application and interviewing process to take time, so start researching well ahead. September and January are the key months for recruitment.

4. Make the most of any transferable skills you have when applying.  Previous experience of working in business, voluntary work or working with young children is very useful.

5. Be flexible. The CELTA course is excellent preparation for teaching in most situations and there are so many useful course books and resources available to help you cope. You may be offered part-time work at first but that could lead on to full-time work once you’ve proved that you’re professional and competent.

6. Get as much experience as you can before your first job. Do some voluntary work or one-to-one teaching and try and observe some experienced teachers.

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