Places to visit on the Jubilee Line

The Jubilee line is one part of the London Underground that connects Hampstead School of English with a multitude of world-famous London sights and sounds! Opened in 1979, it is the most recently-built line — and you can tell with its modern design and construction. You can easily recognise it on the Tube map by its grey colour, which represents the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. With just one line, you can see a myriad of London's offerings — take a look and see where you can go! 

Canary Wharf is well-known as the new financial district of London, and is a mix of modern architecture in a vintage docklands setting. Until The Shard was built, the Canary Wharf tower used to be the tallest building in the UK. There are also two large shopping malls if you're interested in a bit of retail therapy, both holding an array of designer, boutique, and high street shops. There are a variety of restaurants and cafes that look over Canada Square Park, as well as over the Thames. And each year, Canary Wharf hosts more than 100 art-related events and activities! 
The London Bridge stop is where you can see a never-ending selection of historic landmarks, such as the Tower of London, London Dungeons, and the Tower Bridge Experience. There are also several modern art galleries, a fashion and textile museum, and theatres and cinemas. If you decide to do the Tower Bridge Experience, you'll have the chance to go inside and discover the history of the Tower, as well as gain some incredible views of Canary Wharf and St. Paul's Cathedral!

Waterloo station offers several sights to see in its surrounding areas! The Imperial War Museum is within minutes from the tube stop, as is the Millenium Bridge, the London Eye, several art galleries, and the London Aquarium!
The Westminster tube station is where you can find some of London's most iconic landmarks. Big Ben is just two minutes away, as are the Houses of Parliament, the House of Lords, the Jewel Tower, and perhaps most famously, Westminster Abbey, the setting where most royal coronations have taken place since the 11th century, as well as weddings (Prince William & Duchess Kate!), and the memorial site for some of Britain's most beloved poets, writers, artists, and monarchs. 
Green Park is just minutes from Buckingham Palace, home to Queen Elizabeth, and is two minutes away from Spencer House, the ancestral home of the late Princess Diana. And of course, we can't forget the namesake — Hyde Park surrounds the area, and is perfect for running, strolling, or a picnic on a nice day! 
Bond Street is known for its history of stylish and wealthy inhabitants, and the tradition carries on today. But that doesn't mean that we can't be a part of it! Window shopping still holds its interest when you can see all of the elaborately decorated displays for the likes of Burberry, Asprey, Mulberry, Chanel and more! The Royal Academy of Art and the famous auction house, Sotheby's are housed on Bond Street too — and who knows, you may even spot a celebrity!
Baker Street is home to Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved detective, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Fans can visit the famous 221B flat, and while they're at it, also check out the famous Sherlock Holmes Museum. Make sure to get there early, however, as there is nearly always a queue! Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum is just minutes from the tube station, as are several independent art galleries, and restaurants and cafes. 

Ready to explore? All of these stops are on the way to your own Hampstead School of English! If you have any questions about the school or the area, feel free to contact us and get all the information you need. 

[Photos: Wikimedia Commons]

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