Student Blog: What Will Life be Like in 20 Years’ Time?

Student Blog

This #StudentBlog comes from Lizzie's C1 class at Hampstead School of English. The students from Korea, France, Brazil, and Colombia discuss their thoughts and predictions on what our life will look like 20 years from now. 


Group 1:

Nowadays, many people spend a lot of time learning English. But in the not too distant future, we won’t have to do that. Instead, we will be able to create an immediate translation machine. It’ll be a revolutionary idea for international communication. Not only this, but also the machine will become a fashionable gadget-accessory, just like an earring. So most people will be  travelling around the world without any difficulty communicating. Globalisation will be accelerated.



Group 2:

By 2050 China will have become the most powerful country in the world. By this time, Mandarin will almost certainly be the new lingua franca on Earth. According to research, this idea is inevitable but it is not a concern because Chinese people are highly likely to invent a little gadget which will incorporate Mandarin in our minds. Actually they will create new devices like a microchip to insert into human beings’ brains. In this case, everybody won’t have studied this new language, it will be automatic.

Group 3

Within the next few years e-learning will have taken over the other traditional methods of learning English as a foreign language. It won`t be necessary to go to school. This is already common in some parts of the world, for example in Australia. However it`s not very popular as it could be in Europe. If you study at home, you will cut costs and save time. Moreover you will protect the environment and reduce traffic jam. Even if you should not forget how important cultural exchange is for a successful second language acquisition.

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