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Finding accommodation in a new country can be a daunting prospect. James’s B1 class at Manchester Academy of English from South Korea, Angola, Japan, France, Kuwait and Qatar know what it’s like to find somewhere to live in Manchester. They tell us why they chose to find their own apartments, to share accommodation with other international students in a student residence, or to live with a local homestay hosts:


Melia House

Melia House

Lumiere Building

The experience of living in an apartment is good because it gives you a lot of privacy and freedom. You don’t need to share your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or living room. You can cook for yourself and invite friends for dinner or parties anytime you want. Our apartments are convenient because they are near train stations, restaurants, the school, nightclubs, shopping centres, big supermarkets, shops etc. The apartments are safe and comfortable. You can use a pin code or an electronic key. Some advantages with studio flats are that they usually have fully-fitted kitchens and off-road parking. Sometimes finding short-let apartment accommodation is difficult and another disadvantage can be sometimes you have to pay bills and a big deposit (e.g. six months in advance) and it can be more expensive than other accommodation in the city centre.

by Sunmi and Eliane Milagre

Student accommodation

Liberty Point

If you are a student who loves to meet people, have fun, you are sociable and open-minded then the best place for you is student accommodation. We are living at “Liberty Point”. You have an en-suite toilet and bathroom, and a cosy room. The student accommodation is in the city centre, close to the shops, bars, nightclubs and the school (it takes about 10 minutes on foot). Your living room and your kitchen are shared areas for discussions and cooking with your flatmates. You also have a fully-fitted kitchen and you can cook anything anytime. You have lots of equipment, like a BBQ area, picnic tables, off-road parking, etc… The staff are very helpful. If you have any problems, you can report them to the reception anytime and you have a 24 hour security guard.  The cleaner cleans the kitchen and living room once a week. Short-let accommodation is available. Student accommodation can be a little bit expensive if it’s in the city centre, but it’s worth it for the convenience. To conclude, if you are fun, outgoing, friendly and like a party, but also if you like your privacy and your freedom. “LIBERTY POINT” WAS DESIGNED FOR YOU.

by Rinko, Bastien and Julie

Host family accommodation

Host family accommodation

Living with a host family is the best idea for practising and improving your English. They are usually helpful and friendly and they make you feel at home. We do activities with them like going to concerts, playing golf, watching movies, cooking together, playing video games, etc.

Also we have our own fully furnished room (a spacious bedroom) with shared bathroom. They cook two meals per day for us and we have laundry facilities. Sometimes the house is quite far from the city centre, but it is reasonably priced.

by Naurio, Hamad and Ahmad

Need help finding accommodation? Manchester Academy of English has a dedicated accommodation team who are there to help you find the best type of accommodation for you. If you have any questions, simply contact us here.

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