Student Blog: Getting Lost

This week 8 students from Paul's Intermediate Class wrote about a time when a journey went wrong…


We were in Australia with my brother, my ex-girlfriend and my cousin. We were going to the east in direction to Cains, a city in Queensland. We had to pass through Cains because it was the shortest route to come back home to Melbourne.

We were using a satnav, but in Australia there are more cities with the same name. So, we changed the wrong destination with the right destination. But there was a big problem… If we wanted to turn round we had to go three hundred kilometres on, because the road didn't have other choices, other streets.

In conclusion, we had to turn round in an illegal place, but there was nobody.


One year ago I got lost in Aspromonte during a journey with my friends when we were travelling toward the Calabrian Mountains. I have always loved travelling, so, with a few friends I decided to move and discover a new place in the wild Aspromonte…

Unfortunately, none of us were good with technology and when we had to try to find the shortest street to arrive from Reggio to Bivongi we got lost in the middle of the forest probably because instead of going to Bivongi we went the wrong way for another village near there. Although we got lost we had a sat phone and we had the possibility to find the street to arrive to our destination.


This happened a few years ago. I was living in Luanda in Angola, and my family and I had rented a house in another city called Lubango for the summer holiday.

We got lost because we were speaking and making jokes all the time, and we were not following the signals or the instructions, so suddenly we found ourselves in a complicated situation; we were in the middle of nowhere. That was really strange and interesting at the same time. Although we were lost, we were happy because we were all together as a family and nothing is better than being with your own family.

We had to make our journey funny so we decided to stop there and have fun. My mother was very pleased and was smiling delightedly with a strong and powerful energy. That was very emotional, instead of doing what we had planned we did a lot of different things like speaking throughout the world and facing the beauty of nature.


I got lost 3 months ago, just one week after my arrival in York. I was with my friends, Miguel, Fausto and Alda. We were going to the David Lloyds Gym because a friend of mine, Ali, told us about that so we wanted to join the gym.

We left the school at 3pm and caught the bus and at the beginning of the journey everything was fine because we thought we were going in the right direction. We got lost because we were using the 'Google Maps' on Fausto's mobile, and he isn't very good at technologies, so, we were going in the wrong direction. When the bus stopped, we realized that we were outside of York, it was dark, the weather was terrible -2 degrees on that day, we were lost and we didn't even know what bus to catch to the city centre.

In the end, I had a 'brilliant idea' call a taxi. So, we waited 10 minutes for the taxi and we could finally go home.


Last year when I was on a holiday, I went to the desert in the morning with my little brother to help our big brother.

I got lost because when we were there the rain came a lot and we couldn't move to another place and after that we called the fair man to help us.

In the end we slept in the desert until the sun came up. The police didn't come, we went through the water and we came back.


This happened sixteen years ago. It was a holiday and we were visiting a relative. We went to Silifke. I was happy to visit my cousins. 

Firstly, we entered my relative's home. My cousin was happy when saw us. Later we all of the children, went to play a game. This was a children’s game.. The game 's name is Hide and Seek. Every child was hiding and one of them was searching.. I was hiding, and 25 minutes later, suddenly, I saw my family car. I was shocked, my family was going without me.. I went to my relative's home crying. I said "My family forgot me". They all laughed. Because, really they forgot! 

In the end, my relatives called my family, they came back. They said "Sorry, my daughter.. But I was happy because you hid very well you are a very good game player. I was angry. Moreover, I was angrier than before, after they said that!


Three years ago I want to Cairo with two of my friends for a holiday and because that was the first time had been to Cairo we bought a satnav and we always used it during the trip. But unfortunately when we were on the way to another city one of my friends dropped hot coffee on the satnav and damaged it. So, we didn’t know how to continue without it. After two hours we realised we had got lost in the middle of nowhere.

In the end, we found a good man who offered to help us and go with us to the same city to show us the way. Although the middle of our trip was terrible, we had a wonderful holiday and that helps us to know the gentleman and I can say that he was one of the benefits of this trip.


I am going to write about my journey where I got lost. A couple of years ago I went to London with my family. This journey was the first time I visited London. When we arrived to London airport we took a taxi. Then we went to Currants Hotel in London. My father who had chosen this hotel because his friend told him about this hotel, had wanted the Park Plaza Hotel. My dad decided to go to Currants Hotel London because his friends said they recently discovered this lovely hotel and planned on visiting it much more. It is the epitome of understated elegance with a timeless feel; it is very friendly and has great service.

We arrived at the Currants Hotel, London. I put my luggage in my room and I said to my father I want to go to Harrods.  I took a taxi to go to Harrods. After that, when I arrived I walked around the Mall then I forgot my way to go back to my family because I forgot my phone and I forgot my key. After that I lost my family

In conclusion, when I was searching for my family I met my sister and youngest brother. Then we went to my family. Finally I suggested to my family to come back to the hotel because I felt so tired. Overall the journey was very terrible…

By Marco (Italian), Antonio (Italian), Fausto (Angolan), Patti (Angolan), Mohammed Almousa (Saudi), Duygu (Turkish), Ali (Saudi) and Awad (Kuwaiti).

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