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This week our B2 class at BSC Manchester have been studying different phrases that can be used to voice your opinion clearly in English – a skill that is vital for work, university and English exams (i.e. IELTS and Cambridge English). We also thought about structuring your response in order to ensure that your argument is clear to the listener by using linking words and phrases that can be used in spoken and written English.


Today we had a debating class on a wide variety of issues on which students had to express their points of view. The students then worked together in pairs and chose the topic that they felt was most important/interesting. These are their thoughts…

What more can we do to save the environment?

As far as we are concerned, there are three main ways in which we can save the environment. Firstly, reusing resources as much as possible should be the highest priority in order to reduce waste. Finding new methods to reduce materials will reduce pollution and will help us to save resources. Furthermore, we are absolutely convinced that being aware of environmental damage that we cause can change our way of dealing with nature; if we educate our children about the environment and how to save it, we won’t have to face serious problems, such as global warming, in the future. In addition, we really think that the only way of saving our planet in the long term is to use renewable energy sources.

(Gulce and Eleonora)

We are absolutely convinced that measures should be taken immediately to save the environment. As far as we are concerned, there are three main ways to do this.

First of all, we should stand together against deforestation, which is a major problem affecting our environment today. Then, we should reduce the amount of CO2 emissions by stopping using fossil fuels. Finally, we should start to use renewable energy as an alternative.

(Mohammed and Mohamed)

Will the world survive for another 100 years?

Nobody knows what the future holds. However, there are significantly serious threats the world is facing.

Firstly, and most importantly, nuclear war has a real chance of taking place, which, if it happened, could feasibly lead to the end of life on this planet.

Secondly, pollution and global warming are growing issues, and their disastrous impact on life is obvious and alarming.

(Ali and Gaddafi)

By Nadia's B2 class at BSC Manchester

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