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Welcome to another wonderful #StudentBlog entry! This week, Steph's C1 class of Swiss, German, and French students at Edinburgh Language Centre share their tips and recommendations on Edinburgh's offerings from food to museums. 

Looking for a place to start or end the day in? Or both? Being a Scottish city, Edinburgh has a lot of pubs, and many of them are worth remembering. One of these is Bennet’s Bar. Located in Tollcross, just beside King’s Theatre, it’s a beautifully kept, old style pub not overrun by tourists.

Another favourite of ours was Rabbie Burns’ Whisky Bar, 103 High Street. Although on the Royal Mile, it’s not overpriced and you have plenty of time to sample the local tipples. If you’re looking for music, the Royal Oak offers a variety of unplugged musical treats for your ears. You can even perform yourself, if you wish. Alternatively, Whistle Binkies on South Bridge offers live music played by young local bands.


Edinburgh has a lot of natural beauty to offer, and it’s all surprisingly close to the city centre. Of course, there is Arthur’s Seat, but we found a couple of other beautiful areas. One of them is the Water of Leith, a small river which runs through the city. Follow the footpath along the banks of the river to the beautiful Dean Village.

If you’re looking to get away from the crowds, we recommend a short ride on bus 41 to Cramond Beach. Once you arrive at this picturesque place, you’ll find a path leading to the beautiful and calm Cramond Island. But take care, you can only cross this path when the tide is low! Try to remember this while you’re soaking up the scenery, or you’ll have to swim back!


In “The Baked Potato Shop” in 56 Cockburn Street, they really know how to fill a good jacket potato with different toppings. Delicious vegetarian food that doesn`t stress your purse.

Amicus Apple is a modern bar and restaurant on Frederick Street. Walking down a few steps to this stylish location, you can grab an innovative cocktail or choose from a variety of beers at the bar. For the hungry, the menu offers tasty and beautifully presented dishes. To come to a sweet end, don’t miss one of the delicious desserts.


Mixing sugar, butter and milk in the finest way, you get typical Scottish fudge. The best shop to see the production and taste the fresh product is Fudge Kitchen on the Royal Mile.

If you need something hearty, your nose will lead you to I.J Mellis cheesemonger’s on Victoria Street, with the best variety of blue, white and smelly cheese in town.

Looking for clothes? There’s a huge choice of shops in the centre of town. Our favourite is White Stuff on George Street, with the funniest fitting rooms you’ve ever seen. Go into the wardrobes…

Museums and theatres

If you want to reminisce about your childhood, or want to see the games your grandparents played, then the Museum of Childhood is the place for you. Situated along the Royal Mile, here you can find a large selection of toys, old and new, from doll houses to toy trains, and puppets to Lego. Of course, children are welcome here, and the museum offers a range of games to keep them entertained.

Edinburgh is full of theatres, but one of our best nights out was at “The Stand” comedy club, which offers stand-up comedy show every evening. Head there early to catch a seat. If you don’t mind becoming a part of the show, get one right in front of the stage. 

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