Student Blog: The Best of Edinburgh

This week Susan's B2 class from Edinburgh Language Centre tell us what they like best about Edinburgh! With students from France, Switzerland and South Korea, we see the what it's like to move to Edinburgh from different perspectives.

Weather in Edinburgh

When I arrived in Edinburgh in October I was surprised by the cold weather. Actually, I am terrified of the cold wind because I lived in the city which has the coldest temperature in South Korea. Especially, Edinburgh has strong wind in the morning and night as well. If you want to go outside, it is better to wear a big jumper. By contrast, I am able to feel four seasons in a day with sunshine. The weather in Edinburgh is a “particular experience”!


People in Edinburgh

I had no idea about Edinburgh people on my first day of Edinburgh. They looked like ordinary people but when I had a problem and I couldn't find my way to go to my homestay house, an old man helped me how to get there. He was so kind to me and from that experience I have a good image of the people of Edinburgh. Now I find many kinds of personalities, respectful, open-minded, and thoughtful and they stay in a queue well! In addition, they love animals and they are lovely people. So, I'm getting used to living in Edinburgh and I enjoy it!


Food in Edinburgh

Living in another country is interesting especially for food. In Edinburgh, the food is not the best food in the world. I said that because I come from France but the Scottish food is quite good, sometimes too sweet or the taste is missing. Because of the weather, you eat the same kind of food all year. However, I cannot criticize the presentation because it is very beautiful. Do not worry; personality is independent of food, so you can meet very nice people in Edinburgh.


Transport in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a good selection of public transport. Sometimes, it looks a little bit chaotic but it works very well. After landing, you can take the bus air link one hundred or the tram to the city center. Both of them will bring you safely and stress free to the city. Discover Scotland’s celebrated capital with the five stars bus tour. After a few ales we can take a bus or a taxi to get home. You can do your homework and have nice chat with your neighbour on the bus.

By Blair, Martin, Doppel and Aymeric

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