10 things you probably didn’t know about Cambridge Exams

Cambridge English examinations are the best known and most respected formal English qualifications; they can help with your future career and academic life. Every year, millions of people take these exams for different purposes and you probably have heard about them, but did you know that…

  1. Cambridge English Certificates do not expire
  2. They are recognised around the world for business and study purposes and are recognised by employers such as Coca Cola, IBM, Nestle and Nokia…
  3. According to the CEFR, the average learner needs 500 to 600 guided learning hours to pass the FCE exam; 700 to 800 guided learning hours to pass the CAE exam; and 1000 to 1200 guided learning hours to pass the CPE exam 
  4. They are proof to universities you are prepared for study
  5. A Cambridge English Certificate can help you live independently in an English-speaking country
  6. The first Cambridge Exam CPE was offered in 1913 – 101 years ago!
  7. About 3.5 million candidates take a Cambridge Exam every year
  8. Each of the Cambridge Exams that we offer helps employers and universities understand the level of English skills you have based on the CEFR
  9. Getting a good night’s sleep ahead of your exam will help your concentration
  10. Cambridge Exams are divided in to 5 papers: Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking and Use of English

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