Thames Cable Car And The Crystal

There’s so much to do in London, especially coming up to Christmas! Hyde Park has been transformed by a German market and Christmas themed fairground, there’s amazing Christmas decorations in Oxford Street, Regent Street and Covent Garden, and much more besides. I think that taking the cable car over the Thames is one of the best experiences you will find anywhere in London, throughout the year. The views are amazing, especially at sunset when we did it. As a bonus you can visit the Crystal, which is an exhibition about sustainable cities, and the Millenium Dome which as well as having several attractions such as The British Music Experience, is quite interesting architecturally and worth walking around. Despite being ten miles away from the centre of London and BSC, you can reach the Thames Cable Car in 15 minutes on the tube and BSC’s nearest line goes straight through without any changes. To complete the day why not visit the Olympic Park or the Westfield Shopping Centre at Stratford, which is very close by?

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