BBQ Party

The weather in Manchester is said to be, for lack of a better word, disappointing. Yet, fortunately, it has been a very sunny and warm summer compared to last year. I wanted to take advantage of the sunny weather, which is rare in the UK, especially in Manchester. So, whenever we had a chance to have a barbeque, my friend and I popped out and set a fire on a grill in the yard.

It seemed that long fine days had gone and swept into the typical drizzly weather. I actually thought that we might not enjoy a BBQ anymore. 

Yesterday, the bright sun greeted us and reminded us of having a BBQ. We saw eye to eye on getting some meats and drinks and then we were hell-bent* on throwing a small party.















 Nothing's better than having a BBQ in a sunny day: My friends and I had more than enough.

The day was so nice to be in Manchester and we made the most of it by eating and drinking. My hope is that at this time, Thursday, all you guys will enjoy a party outside at the weekend.

Weekend is nearly there. Let's keep it up and try extra hard!


*Hell-bent is an informal way to say 'very determined'. 



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