BBC Tour

We made a trip to Broadcasting House in central London, the home of the BBC and where many popular programmes known all over the the world are made. Some of the most famous BBC shows which are sold into a total of 100 countries include Doctor Who, Top Gear, Frozen Planet and Spooks. The BBC is the largest broadcaster in the world and the BBC World Service (radio) broadcasts worldwide in English and in 27 other languages 24 hours a day. The tour was a lot of fun, with some of the highlights including being able read the news and the weather, see live broadcasts in progress, and the chance to take part in making a radio play as well as tours of the dressing rooms and studios which are currently being used for some famous shows. There was certainly an English learning element to the trip! The BBC building is very close to the school, so it’s very convenient to get to – a great, fun way to spend an afternoon!

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